Yankeespwn: As of today, 1/13/08, there have been 4 spam comments, for 2,000 hits that’s not a lot but let me redefine the situation. For 2,000 we should have ZIP spam comments. For those of you who don’t know what spam is, read carefully.

Example 1 Yo mann, thiz sitte it likee tootallyie kool, ad mee! This is an example of appeal spam, we did not want to add his site and we will not.

Example 2 trie thiz knew medz, i guarrente it’l wurk This is an example of advertising spam, I never asked him for meds so why did he post this odd comment?

Example 3 d00d, thiz site likke bloows maan This is an example of criticizing spam, I never asked his opinion about our and new will need too

Example 4 yo mamma so phat she coouldn’t fit sizze 15 This is an example of rhetorical spam, as you may have read, no comment

Tiristern: About Example No. 1.: Begging to be added to our blogroll is not going to get you on our blogroll.  You must ask nicely and fit our requirements.


About yankeespwn

Hello, I've started playing club penguin since the January of 2007. Being an "older person" I didn't really play it much until I joined the BPP (Black Pearl Penguins) Its a real experience, being in the BPP, and I recommend you, if not already in the club, join it now. I'm currently a commander but, that's as high as I would want to go.

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