New System Of Comment Moderation

Hey there guys!

Throughout this new month, you can see that our spam has risen too approx the ~100 amount. We would like this to go down. You may have also seen that some comments have had the “Text Removed” marker on it. It is exactly what it means, you have violated certain protocol and the comment must be removed. So, here’s how our new system is going to work.

1 Text Removed: Yellow Flag – Commenting Privileges Revoked

2 Text Removed: Red Flag – Commenting Privileges Banned and Automatically Marked as Spam, Further Consequences depending of severity

So, the question now is how will I get these flags? Look Below

Spamming – Red

Objective Statements – Yellow~ Red

Inappropriate Conduct – Red

Advertising – Yellow ~ Red

Repetitive Commenting (Look below for definition) – Yellow

When you post two comments in a row accident or not, also known as double posting

Mutiple Flagging (If you have two yellow flags in a period of 72 hours) – Red

That’s all I can think of now but you should know what to do and not! THIS WILL BE UPDATED FREQUENTLY

If you wondered why you got a flag and we did not post our reasons, feel free to discuss that

From now on the structure will look like this

User Red/ Yellow Flagged 

If you got a flag don’t worry, the rules are quite strict so we understand, if you have been yellow flagged, the ban will be removed after 1 week, Red = Ban Forever 😦


About yankeespwn

Hello, I've started playing club penguin since the January of 2007. Being an "older person" I didn't really play it much until I joined the BPP (Black Pearl Penguins) Its a real experience, being in the BPP, and I recommend you, if not already in the club, join it now. I'm currently a commander but, that's as high as I would want to go.

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