Aw Surveys

Hi Y’all!

I found this awesome thing called Aw Survey! You get $27 if you Register now.

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Click the “Sign Up Here!” and Click the “Create a Free Account” Button on the Site! It’s really cool. (And It’s not a Scam Either!)

~ Tiristern

Waddle On!

OMG UPDATE: I met Sanity1 today! He created a new penguin named Ninja Sanity! He’s really back. Here’s an email he sent to my Mythbusting email!

Hi tiristern

i was perma banned from Club Penguin, but i’m back now. i haven’t been on my site much because i got banned and it was a lot of work. i might go back now. i created a new penguin called Ninja Sanity. (i only go on Mammoth and Frozen)

Sanity Penguin


About Tiristern

Tiristern is 12 years old. He has experience in CSS, XML, Computer Programming, Digital Imaging, and more. He created the CPM Team for the sake of having fun. So Please Advertise Our Site!

Posted on March 4, 2008, in Club Penguin Mythbusters. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Delilahfan_98

    Omg rly? Hes back! CP better watch out!

  2. You should put this on the Myths Page

  3. *Le gasp!* Could Sanity be the designer you met and be starting up the ninjas again?

    Tiristern: No. The mod I met was Ninja RH. Sanity now logs in as Ninja Sanity.

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