Hey Viewers, Yankeespwn Here,

I’ve decided to offer an alternative to donating money for saying thanks to us. If your familiar w/ forums, you probably know the rules of karma. Basically, If you want to say thanks, just post a comment saying “+karma (#) [Comment].” The number is to specify how much karma you want to give, if you like our site a lot, you might want to give a little higher karma. The comment is the reason, just a short phrase (“Good Site” will do.) You can also take away karma, just type a minus instead of a plus, if your reason is valid, we will subtract karma. Our total karma will be displayed on the “Karma” Page. Thanks!


About yankeespwn

Hello, I've started playing club penguin since the January of 2007. Being an "older person" I didn't really play it much until I joined the BPP (Black Pearl Penguins) www.blackpearlpenguins.wordpress.com. Its a real experience, being in the BPP, and I recommend you, if not already in the club, join it now. I'm currently a commander but, that's as high as I would want to go.

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