Beta Hat on CPIP

Hi Again!

I’ve been searching all day for the link where you can get the beta hat and more on CPIP. Just go Here! It’s a link to a Trainer (PCs only), where you can get the beta hat and more! is the actual link.

Have fun!

Waddle On,

~ Tiristern

UPDATE: Club Penguin has fixed this Trainer. You can no longer get the Beta Hat, unfortunately. However, penguins who have already gotten the hat can keep it. Just DON’T TAKE IT OFF! IF YOU DO, YOU WILL LOSE IT FOREVER!


About Tiristern

Tiristern is 12 years old. He has experience in CSS, XML, Computer Programming, Digital Imaging, and more. He created the CPM Team for the sake of having fun. So Please Advertise Our Site!

Posted on March 12, 2008, in Club Penguin Mythbusters. Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. It doesn’t work anymore. =(

  2. hey tiristren!
    i cant figure out how to use the trainer.
    it loads and everything but from there im stuck.
    if you could help that would be great!

  3. i did it! plz make the new one quick! other people canmt see im wearing the beta hat!

  4. its easy all you had to do was look in your inventory

  5. Hello! I was wondering…. why did you take me off of your blogroll? Why? I really wanted to be on there!!! Please put me back on!!!!! 😦


    Tiristern: I made a new rule, you have to have 7500 hits or more in order to be on our blogroll. Sorry.

  6. oh hey it works perfectkyfor me just scroll down then go back up and you can see the items

  7. nice site man , imma playing Cp now lol , looking for some coin hacks , better that the hydro hopper one come on beat misam at the hits!!!+comments

  8. Pls take the widget off your site plz
    cause i dont like it

  9. come on wheres the is hat now

  10. i want the beta hat and it wont work

  11. the trainer doesnt work no more.

  12. Here’s my penguin:


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