St. Patrick’s Party 08

Hi Y’all!

The Party is Awesome!

Giant Hat-March 08The Free Item is the Giant St. Patrick’s Day Hat, in the Ski Village.

March 13-08, PinMarch 13-08, Pin 2

The Pin is in the Boiler Room. In order to get the pin, hover your mouse over the top left drawer. It will open, dropping the pin.

Forest-March08-St. Patricks-GreenThe Forest is exceptionally cool. I love the mini Stump House.

Disco-St.Patricks-08-GreenThis is cool. The leader of the band is Me!

Migrator Reconstruction 3

Even MORE of the Migrator has been recovered and rebuilt! Wow!

Check around all the rooms of CP and enjoy the decor!

Plus, the new (kinda) play is out!

There is a new background added to the Play Catalog, and it is available to all Penguins!

We want to gain lots of hits, so pleas keep advertising this site!

(For the Pixel Penguins, I’ve made them, I just have to upload them. I’ll do that later today!)

Waddle On,


Puzzle of the Week: D_ _ a_n


About Tiristern

Tiristern is 12 years old. He has experience in CSS, XML, Computer Programming, Digital Imaging, and more. He created the CPM Team for the sake of having fun. So Please Advertise Our Site!

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  1. Hello! Why did you take me off of your blogroll? I was really happy when you put me on there! Why did you take me off? Please put me back on!!!!!


  2. I am advertising for you too! Please put me back on! You are on my blogroll. I found out how to get one and you are on there! If you dont put me back on i will take you off of my blogroll. PLEASE??????


  3. il add u to my blogroll if u do thte same?

    Tiristern: Ok Simmer!

  4. I was there the first time it played!

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    And I will vist your site almost everyday.

  6. Sorry Tiristern,

    Fever has demodded you. He has told me to leave you demodded for now.
    You should email him and talk to him. He says you swear with the * in it. It still counts though. You always say STFU and you always say WTF, Including WTH. Those are still included as swear words, and as again you are still kind of strict. For more Info please conact me at link removed and leave a comment. I am not responsible for this

    I did NOT demod you, Fever did. He says you are not good enough YET.

  7. clubpenguin1itachi

    tiristern, if it makes u happy ill advertise for u if u put me bak on ur blogroll. I still have u on my blogroll so plz put me bak on.

  8. Hey this is Waddy28 from
    Link Removed
    I wanted to know if i could be on your blogroll since i like your site and i meet the requirements. If you do, i’ll put you on mine also. If you don’t want to put me on your blogroll, could i be an admin? Thanks and hope everything goes well with your site!

    Tiristern: You meet the requirements! I’m addin’ you right now on our Blogroll. Unfortunately, you can’t be an admin now. We’ll take job applications a little later for the CPM Team.

  9. polls10rewards

    Incredible Site =)

  10. Hey! I was wondering when you are going to make that new blog roll section? Are you almost ready? Well post a comment on my site!


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