Comment Contest

Yes I know, I got this from Simmer27.

I’m getting a Comment Contest!

500 comments – Be recommended for a spot on the CPM Team!

100 comments – Be on my Blogroll, Higher Ranks in Army (+2) + Special Myth Assignments (3 ranks up in one assignment!) + Special Mentioning + Be my Buddy on CP and Be a Mod on my Chatbox

75 comments- Higher ranks in Army (+2) + Special Myth Assignments (3 ranks up in one assignment!) + Be My Buddy on CP

50 comments – Higher ranks in Army (+1) + Special Myth Assignments (2 ranks up in one assignment!) + Be my Buddy on CP!

25 comments – Higher Ranks in Army (+1) + My Buddy on CP

10 comments – Be my Buddy on CP

5 comments – Special Mentioning on my Site

There seems to be a misunderstanding. Spamming comments on the site is an extreme NO NO. Don’t Spam Random Nonsense Comments. This Contest is extended over a long period of time. This means that you can only comment 30 times a day max, and you CAN’T spam comments. You just get disqualified. This contest will end sometime in late April.

In More News…

Our Site is Getting Bigger AND BIGGER! We’re getting a lot of people on our site now! Therefore, we are going to need more people on the CPM Team to help manage the site! Right now, there’s only Tiristern and Yankeespwn!

ANOTHER UPDATE: We added a new user: His name is MiSaM from Mew850’s Blog. We might fuse our sites together, keeping the best of both sites!

We are getting a domain this weekend! Hooray!

And you get the choice of what the new Blog URL will be!

Will it be…..



You Decide! Just Comment with your Answer!

Waddle On,

Tiristern and the CPM Team


About Tiristern

Tiristern is 12 years old. He has experience in CSS, XML, Computer Programming, Digital Imaging, and more. He created the CPM Team for the sake of having fun. So Please Advertise Our Site!

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  1. Hi Tiristern. This comment #1. Just saying that I am very sorry that you thought that I would do such a thing. Please accept the fact that i have never hacked any body’s website or Pay Pal. Please reply and please accept me back on The CPM team. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    ~Ennbay :mrgreen:

    P.S. I like the new header!

    Yankeespwn: I’m supposed to post a little comment so here goes. We (Meaning I) have sufficient evidence that YOU (Meaning Ennbay) have been accessing our dashboard and changed certain text. We (Again, Meaning I), believe that someone has been accessing your computer via remote control and making these changes to make YOU look like YOU did it. Obviously someone really wants to frame you. So, if you read this properly, we (Meaning I) have relieved ALL BLAME from you Ennbay. We (Meaning I) know it is not you.

  2. Comment number 1

  3. 24 i cant be stopped!

  4. 5 can u add me to ur blog roll anyways?????????????

  5. 50 half way!!!!!

  6. 7 Lugster is awesome but i am awesomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 8. the thingy says that i have to stop commenting to quickly!!!!

  8. 69 you can tell i realy want 2 b on your blog roll

  9. 8. i’m almost there. dont ya think??!!?!?!?!?

  10. 73 and alot of energy left!!!!

  11. 90 ten more to go

  12. 100!!!!!

    Yay!!!! Hey Tristern! I was wondering… if you dont put me on your blog roll i will be really sad. PLEASE!!!!!!!!


  13. please???

  14. 142

    I have always wanted to be famous, and a part of the CPM. I love your site!!!! I will stop at 500, or untill my mom ckicks me off. πŸ˜‰

  15. 149

    Sorry Puddlewink my mom is on the phone

  16. 156

    You guys rock!!!

  17. 19 i LOVE mc Donalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 159

    I hate mc donalds. You are being so random!

  19. 20. thats A ok Lugster!

  20. 21. Well hum! and btw mcdonalds rocks!

  21. 162

    Do you realy like Mcdonalds?

  22. 164

    I dont feel good when I eat their food πŸ˜‰

  23. 22. of course i do who dosent??? oooooooooo answer that!!!
    clueless i knew u couldent answer that!

  24. 165

    Oops i messed up!

  25. 24. u will never catch up!!

  26. 168

    I am getting tired but I am still going to do it! This is going to take forever!


  28. 172

    I am on the slow computer and i am beating you!!!!! lol. jk

  29. 26. i hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 176

    I dont want to I am busy!!!! lol.

  31. 179

    ya right. are you going for 100 or 500?

  32. 29. busy busy busy. I just dont understand!

  33. 184

    is anyone else doing this?

  34. 31.imagine if Tirestirn deleted all of ur comments!!!!!!!!!

  35. 32. that would me really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like hamsters!!!

  36. 188

    I would me sad/ mad

  37. 33. do u like hamsters??

  38. 190


  39. 192

    I dont like hampsters
    dont hum humming is for calm people

    lol good times!

  40. 34. are u still there?

  41. 35. guess u r!!!!!!!!!!
    go to

  42. 197

    I was gona ask the same thing!!!

  43. 36.ur almost to 200!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  44. 199

    I will later

  45. 37. i cant believe that we are the only 1s who have commented!

  46. 202

    I know!!!!

  47. 38. u reached 200!!!!!!!!!11

  48. 203

    saw hi to snowball for me!!!

  49. 39. well this site isnt that popular!?!?!?!

  50. 40!!!!!!!! almost to 100!

  51. 42. should i ddo this 2 my site?

  52. 43. r u still there??????

  53. 44. will u do it 2 yours?

  54. 211

    I switched computers!!!!! hahaha

  55. 45. Paris Rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  56. 212

    You are right about that!!!!

  57. 214


  58. 47. i wish my computer would do it automaticly1

  59. 215

    This computer is faster

  60. 216

    Ya yours is slow, mine is fast

  61. 222

    you there?

  62. 50!!!!!!!!!!!! i got 2 50!!!!!111

  63. 57. I will beat u Lugster

  64. 287

    I wonder how long I have been doing this…

  65. 300

    200 more to go!!!

  66. 338

    So many numbers!!!!!!

  67. 339

    Hey, when will you tell us that we won?

  68. 373


  69. 375


  70. 382

    Cool website!!!

  71. 450

    50 More to go! Oh gosh…

  72. 500!!!!!!

    Well there you go! I did it! I was wondering… you shoulp really consider Puddlewink to be on the team. Awsome penguin! I really hope you put me on your CPM team. Your site ROXS! And Tristern and Yankeespawn ROXS!

    Tiristern: ….. Wow…. That was quick. I just put that up 4-5 hours ago. I didn’t mean for you to actually spam messages, I really meant for you guys to actually say messages that meant something…

  73. 500 comments

    technically, i just submitted 500 comments

  74. Ok, i’m confused. So do you mean all the comments posted around your site, or just on this page to get the prize thingies?

  75. 1 for meh

  76. Wtf MIsaM , im ip banned perm wuts noels site????

    ps luger went from 470 to 500…

    Tiristern: Nah…. I just deleted a lot of the comments. Lugster had literally commented 500 times!

  77. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ……………….. 500!!!

  78. Wow. Talk about a lot of comments!

    ~ Tiristern

  79. I suggest, since it is short. That will bring in the hits like crazy. The shorter, the better.

  80. You’ve exceeded the time limit AND broken the no spamming rule.

    1 for me!


    PS: Im back.

  81. Wow I just got promoted. Anyway, does your army have any enemies?


  82. Lol I have the same app as what you have for pixel penguins


  83. I like your funny pics too.


  84. When will you add more myths…
    Some myths on famous penguins would be good.


  85. Lol. 14,455 billion hits. We should be realistic here…



  86. Also, I cant believe lugstar’s comments werent blocked by akismet.

    … 8!

  87. Okay 10 is enough for today.


    Link Removed

  89. Hey Tiristern! I was wondering… I know you just said that it wasnt supposed to be numbers but…. I worked really hard! I really want to be on the team! I was getting so excited about doing 500 comment to be on the team! Please do NOT delete the comments! I wish you would still take me into consideration for the CPM team. Please? YOu guys ROCK!

    Comment me on my site for the answer.

  90. Oh and by the way… I did NOT go from 470 to 500. You deleted some of them. Because I remember thinking only ten more to go! Please believe me!


    I swear I didnt skip!
    Besides, why would I want to do almost 500 and skip some? That would be to risky.

  91. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ME OFF BECAUSE I ONLY DID NUMBERS! I did not know. But arent you at least happy that I did 500? I would be sad if I did all that work for nothing. 😦 PLEASE????


    Tiristern: I am sorry I did not specify what type of comments I wanted. I deleted a lot of your comments, because the page was taking a long time to load. However, you still did 500, and all that work can’t go for nothing. We are considering you.

  92. Do you guys really have 14,000 billion hits? And are there really 94 people on this site rigth now?
    Please edit this comment telling me.

    Tiristern: The 14000 billion hits is a joke. We really have 14,000 hits though. And there really are 94 people on my site right now.

  93. Thank you sooooo much! I was so worried! Please consider me! I really want to be on the team! I am sorry about the comments. I didnt know. Well please tell me if I am on the team, and comment on my site! πŸ˜‰


    YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!

  94. I have one more question.
    What is your stragedgy to getting that many people?

    Tiristern: We have many methods. I wouldn’t tell you, though. Hehehehe……

  95. Hurtful or Insulting Comments- Auto RemovedThis blog has improved thougth.

    Guys, I don’t mind if you say this stuff, but don’t hurt our site’s image.

  96. When will you decide if I can be on the team? Sorry… I am a little impatient sometimes. πŸ˜‰

  97. 😦 I’m always so left out… Most people think I’m just a big loser 😦

  98. Tiristern can I be on the team? Please? Oh BTW, I saw Mew850 today. He said Club Penguin is boring! Oh well. PLease let me be on the team!!!!!!!!


    If you didnt, what would the point of all those comments be? I would hate to do so many and have you say No. I worked really hard. Please think about it!!!!!!

    Tiristern: Lugster, please STOP ASKING. We are considering it still. If you keep asking, we will have to refuse. Stop ordering us to.

  99. Coment #1

  100. Sorry for all this spam comments, but I though that I could make that after seeing Lugster’s comments.

  101. Sorry! btw i wasnt ordering you to. I was just asking.

  102. 58. Your site is pretty good. I think you should take out that picture with rockhopper in it. I think it is kinda innapropriat!!!


  103. 59. A lot of people are commenting about Lugster. She didn’t know that it was spam guys. On a lot of other sites they WANT you to do that!!


  104. 60. Hey guys,
    I like your new image header! keep up the good work!!!

  105. 61. Pease consider me. If you dont then can you definatly consider lugster??
    I know her in person so I was talking on the phone to her while she was doing all of those comments! Most of them anyway. Well i guess that dosent really matter!

  106. 61. Can you check out my site and think about adding it to your blogroll?!?!
    I’ve advertised for you a lot on my site and at school to!!!!!!!! I will advertise for you more if you want to. Only if you will add me too your blogroll though!! Plz answer as soon as possible!!


  107. 62. I think you should delete all of Paul 2 857 2 for all of those spam comments because you did it AFTER you said not to!! and that is no no!!


  108. 63. whenever i comment like REALLY fast one after another it says that i need to slow down! If that is you doing that can you make it stop?

  109. 63. Just wondering! Is ennbay going to help you guys out anymore????

  110. 65. on cp. i am ssooooooooooo famous. I always have yellow penguin army following me. sometimes it gets a little scary all the penguins following me!!!!!!!


  111. 66. So………… whats up? got any parties coming up??

  112. 67. can you google the word pillier. she has acool cp site. does a lot of extra stuff too! the only thing that she needs is hits!!!!

  113. 68. Just wondering………do you and yankeespwn know each other personally?????????? u dont have to answer if u dont want to !!!


  114. 69. when are u going to make a mythbusters thingy!!?!?!?!?

  115. 70. ALMOST TO 100! WELL NOT REALLY!!!!!!!

  116. 71. when will you have another battle???

  117. Wow Puddlewink you have alot of comments! Check this out!


    It winking! Like PuddleWINK!!!!!

  118. You put in like 500 spam comments lugster. At the same time puddle;) put in 50.


  119. 73. Thanks for the support Lugster! If I dont win I hope that you do!!!!!
    So…..who’s in 3rd place???

    Puddle πŸ˜‰

  120. 74. Am I in second place. I’m sssssssooooooooo happy!! So close to 100!

  121. 75. Why isnt anyone else commenting? o rite, this site isnt very famous!

  122. 76. Dear Nick, At the time i was posting those comments Tirestirn hadn’t told us that we werent supposed to! On most sites that is what they WANT you to do! Now I am mot going to that anymore! I am like writing paragraphs now!

    When in doubt go to

  123. 77. Dear Tirestirn,
    Why can you only post 30 comments a day?
    Also, If i type really fast then press “submit comment” it says that I have to slaow down!?!?!?

  124. 78. What if you go OVER 500 comments???

  125. 79. I have decided that I am going to satop at 100. I think. Who wants me to win and the crowd roars!!!!!!!!!!!! Lugster still rox!!!!!!!!1

    ~Puddle πŸ˜‰
    get it? PuddleWINK!

  126. soorry i havent been pposting. my paarents made it so i cant post (“those parental controls arent working, huh?”) but i can again! too badd i cant do it on firefox, though.

  127. sorry i haven’t been posting. my parents made it so i cant post (“those parental controls aren’t working, huh?”) but i can again! too bad i cant do it on firefox, though. 😦

  128. 8. thats to bad for you quenti! also why did you post the same comment two times?

  129. 81. the above comment is supposed to be 80 not 8! There are so many penguins that are really famous. I suggest that you guys make a “famous penguins” section! remember to add me to it!

    ~Puddle πŸ˜‰

    When in doubt go to

  130. 12345678910


  131. You cheator devon!


  132. Aww man its like impossible to get 500. But Ill try.


  133. Hey can you please put me on your blog roll? I did over 100 comments!!!! PLEASE?


    Tiristern: Ok. I’ll put you on IF you put our animated picture on your site (Look on Sidebar).

  134. How do you do that???


  135. Wait a second! You said that if I comment 100 times that I get to be on your blog roll. YOU NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE PICTURE. BTW I am advertising your site on my blog roll. ISNT THAT ENOUGH? It is like the same thing.


  136. 82. My site has so many hits it’s not even funny! I get like 100 a day now! Can you come to my party on Saturday? Click on my name for more details (you know you want to!!)


  137. 83. Can you add me to your blogroll to? I have more hits than Lugster! Like I said in the comment above! I added your little moving pic animation thing to my blog!!


  138. 84. I think i used to have abeta penguin but i forgot its name and passwored! To bad then i would be even more famous than I really am! Whenever i go on cp. all of these yellow penguins swarm around me. You should see it!!!


  139. 85. I have a question…..but you probably wont answer it becuse you are probably not looking at these comments! How are you going to meet me on CP when I when this contest? should we set up at ime? Not yet though because the contest is still going on?!


  140. 86. OK I think that I will stop commenting now! Well just 4 today!

  141. How many comments did extreme do?


  142. Ok I put the moving pic on my sidebar. Can you plz put me on your blog roll now? Please post a comment.



  143. I really like your header! Cool!


  144. BTW Puddlewink only has more hits than me because she started her website before me. But she is my BFF in real life too!


  145. I wish I had alot of hits though. Your site has sooooooooooooooooo many!!!


  146. When you are going to make a new Free Membership contest?

  147. How long have you been on clubb penguin? If you click on the question mark in the bottom right corner it will tell you how many days. Let me know!!!


  148. I am sorry if you think I was threatening your site. I wasnt. I was just asking a bunch of times because you didnt answer. The only reason you didnt answer was because I go on the computer ALOT, so I kept on checking if you answered. Sorry. 😦


  149. I like the new name of the webbsite! is definatley easier that writing

    Tiristern: It’s not It’s

  150. How come you can only do 30 comments a day? You dont have to answer ALL of my questions.


  151. I like the idea of having a cp mythbusters. I also love watching the show mythbusters. You guys should do videos of the myths you do. See. I DO have good ideas.


    Tiristern: I’m recruiting members to our CPM Team. I can’t manage this site just by myself. But you guys have to be trustworthy.

  152. When did you guys start the website?


    Tiristern: November. I added you to our Special Mentioning.

  153. Do you know yankesawn in real life?


    Tiristern: Yes. We go to the same school.

  154. how did i advertise???

    Tiristern: Mistake. Sorry!

  155. I am very trustworthy. And so is puddlewink. I always keep secrets, and never tell anyone else. I would absolutelly LOVE to be on the team. You can count on me. And btw how many winners will there be?

  156. Oh and that comment counts as one. I forgot to put the number 13.



  157. How many comments did extreme post? I accedentally put 14 instead of 514. Sorry!!!!!!


    Tiristern: 115. He didn’t spam any comments. You did not do 515. You only did 32.

  158. Are you a secret agent?


  159. no before i did 500 i just kept on going


  160. Hello, may I be more than just a contributor on your blog? I would like to be like Mew on your blog! I will try to improve you’re blog as much as I can! Reply back!

    ~Ennbay :mrgreen:

  161. Hello! I am VERY trustworthy, and if some one tells me a secret or a password, I would never tell anyone else. I have great ideas and would update your blog alot! I would even find more cheats and funny pictures!


    Please reply back!

    Tiristern: Here’s the deal. I already update our blog a lot. I do need help on Pixel Penguins, Pin List Updates, and Minor Things Like That. I also need someone to manage the “Join the Mythbusters” reports too. I’m considering a friend of mine from school for the job too. Please stop begging.

  162. Ok sorry. I was just telling you that I am able to do anything on websites, and that I can handle anything. I will stop asking… 😦


  163. drivingmissdaisy

    88. OK i haven’t commented in a while! Also, I THINK I know where that Ninja guy is! Wish me luck!

  164. drivingmissdaisy

    89. OOPS…….Ignore that thing that says “drivingmissdaisy”! I ment it to be Puddlewink but I am logged into another acount! Your site rox!!!

  165. Hello! I love your site!


  166. How far did puddlewink get in the comments?


  167. Puddlewink has more hits than me because she made her blog before me.


  168. She is actually my bff in real life! But she moved, so we just go on club penguin now.


  169. How many comments did extreme do?


  170. Who is in first second third and fourth?


  171. WHOOPS! Up above I put 535 when its supposed to be 525. Sorry!


  172. YOu dont have to answer all of my comments you know. πŸ˜‰


  173. Hey check this out!
    Hi I ThInK yOuR sItE iS sO CoOl!
    Cool huh?


  174. Besides Puddlewink, your site is the only website I go on! (and besides cp)


  175. Do you like cp? Mew said that he doesnt like it :0


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