Club Penguin Egg Timer


There is a little something we call, an egg timer in the test servers. I will discuss what it is, why it’s here, and how it can be used. First off, here is a picture of the egg timer.


To see this, go to the test server load.swf link HERE. The odd thing is, this clock has nothing to do with eggs! A long time ago, club penguin decided to make these timers, but never released it. I guess they decided to put it on the test servers as a, well, test. An egg timer is like a bomb, it has a timed reaction and you can set it to whatever you want. This was made so parents could make a time for how long their child could play on club penguin.

If your parants set this timer up and when it ends , You cannot play Club Penguin for the whole day. This message will appear:


I really think this SHOULDNT come, since if my Mom or dad hears about this , They will set it up for about 2 hours. Club Penguin WAS going to set this up long time ago, but they didn’t.

Since it is in the test servers, there is a chance it might be in the Real Club Penguin

~ By Mew850

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Waddle On!

Mythbusters Forever!

~ Tiristern

Mew850: I have CSS now, but my css box is empty since idk what to do


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    SEE YA! rules! Mine too!

  2. How come I cant find the egg thingi anywhere?


    Tiristern: I can’t find it either….

  3. I think its like your penguin is in prison and can go on parole for a certain amount of time a day.


  4. Wow you answered that like in 5 seconds.

    Tiristern: lol yeah.

  5. You on watex’s bribble, your xat?


    Tiristern: I’m going on both.

  6. Why would any parent want to do that?

    They might as well use the windows/mac parental controls.


  7. No offence, but isnt mew the person who sticks up to fever?


  8. Whats this tiri something misam calls you?

  9. What is the flag counter thing on the sidebar?


    to be continued…

  10. continuing from last comment…

    20th comment. 😀

  11. … You have to go on the SWF link to Find the TImer.

    Well my parants will never go on the computer. I own this computer but my dad bought it… So whatever. I willl just set a goal for myself. I will play clubpenguin for 10 minutes. Usually I play for 2 minutes, since its so boring. I only play when thers an update or im doing a vid 😉

  12. thanks whoever unbanned me from watex bribble

    ps LOL: Nick (12:31:45) :

    No offence, but isnt mew the person who sticks up to fever?


    Nick (12:37:59) :

    Whats this tiri something misam calls you?


  13. ps whats ur xat tristern?


  14. But still I cant find it. Its not in the options or anything.

  15. plz just unban me from watexs bribble i censored a cuss word n i get banned.

    Tiristern: Fine. I’m unbanning you.

  16. We’re doing great! Thank you all!


  17. Hey I was the one who found it! i sa wit to make and he pasted about ti, then you just stole his post!

    Tiristern: MisaM/Mew850 is a mod on our site. He made this post, not me.

  18. Hey I saw u (mew850) on cp yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were at the tundra server and you were at the dock!! I asked to be your buddy but you never answered:(
    Anyways good luck with your new job. Hope to see you again sometime!!!! Then you can be my buddy. I know you want to cuz i’m ssssssooooooooo famous!!!


    ps If you click on my name then you can go on my site!!

  19. Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanx for deciding to make me a moderator again! I hope that you realized that I would never do anything bad to your site! Thanx Tiristern, Yankeespwn and Mew850! Also, i cannot find the timer. Please help me and tell me how to find it!

  20. clubpenguin1itachi

    if my dad finds out about the timer he would bput it for 1 hr.

  21. clubpenguin1itachi

    tiristern i put the banner thingy on my site. Go look at it and plz put me bak on ur blogroll!

    Tiristern: Ok! Thanks!

  22. ur rite ur site does rock


  24. I still cant find it…


  25. Lol its easter tomorrow where i live.


  26. Your header is better than your banner 😀


  27. Why do you always have to exaggerate your hits?


  28. The timer in the pic looks nothing like a egg…


  29. Easter scavenger hunt again… boo!


  30. I put the banner on my site! Now can you add me to your blogroll?

  31. it says it isnt activated and it works on regular servers wats the deal?

  32. u have to click on the restore botton then click the bottom were u shape it and make it bigger its on the top have u have any idea how to work it?

  33. Where is it? I went to the link but I don’t see a timer thing… Plus why do they make the England Club Penguin a test server? It’s just like the American one except for the address…

    P.S. Can’t you just play on another penguin if your parents set a timer for you?

    Matre-I think it doesnt work anymore.

  34. hi!!! i luv club penguin its great!!!
    i love pie!!!!!!!!!
    and puffles!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Hi bud I am a arrg pirate. Abandone ship ayneon way arg sup?

  36. wow… that would be awful because if you have a membership you wont enjoy it and that sucks

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