Special Party at CPIP


I was just bored, and I went to the CPIP blog. They said they were doing a special April Fools Project . It will start at this time:

Where: ONLY on Server Test

When: Friday 10 am – 4 pm Penguin Standard Time (PST)

Who: You and all your friends are invited!

What: Show up to find out

This is what it is. When you login Club Penguin Improvment Project servers, You turn into a Puffle!  Its very fun to be a puffle, and you can feel how its like to be one.

Your puffle does different things, by using other controll buttons.

If you throw a snowball, your puffle does the following:

Take a bath






If you dance it will fly around.


If you wave, it will go on a cycle


And you should know that your puffle will wear any kind of clothing. Also you can own a puffle too. A family of puffles. ;)


Also Click Here if you need help with the April Fools Day Party.

Remember, I’m posting for Tiristern, since he is away . 😉



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  5. If his throw a snowball your puffle does the following.

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