New Mission + Tip the Iceberg Edit


Hi Y’all. I tipped the iceberg today! :O

Yup, here is a pic for proof! (Just an Edit, Lol)

If you can’t see it well, you might want to click it to enlarge!

Here is the text version of my Guide to Mission 7!

1. Talk to G. He will then show you footage of how the Clock Tower was destroyed.

2. Talk to G again, G will say that he wants you to fix the tower.

3. Now go all the way to the right of your screen until you see the Gadget Room. Go inside!

4. On the shelf full of gadgets, take the LifeGuard Rescue Tube. Put it in your inventory.

5. Using your map, go to the Dock. Then talk to the penguins from the Blue Team. They will then ask you to play a target game.

6. Play the game until you win. When you do win, they will give you the target. Put it in your inventory.

7. Give the penguins the tube that you took from the shelf as a replacement target.

8. Now using your spy phone, go back to the HQ. Talk to G. Then go to the Invention Cabinet which is to the left of the Gadget Room. Click on the cage with the magnet. The combination to get the magnet is ‘key’. Here is what is supposed to look like.

<!–[if gte vml 1]&gt; &lt;![endif]–><!–[if !vml]–><!–[endif]–> (it should look like this)

9. Go to the iceberg. To your left, you will see a floating ice cube with a spring inside. Use the magnet to pull it in. Put it in your inventory. Now go to the HQ and then the Gadget Room.

10. To your left, you will see the Test Chamber. Put the ice cube with the spring on the conveyor belt. (Under the sign that says ‘Place Object Here.’ Pull the red lever. Click the flame button. Pull the red lever again and then put the spring in your inventory.

11. Go to the Town. Talk to the penguin. Ask him for the poster of Prime Gear. Put the poster in your inventory.

12. Go to the Ski Village. Talk to the penguins to your left. They will say that the best snow is by the Snow Forts area.

13. Go to the Beach. Near the penguin on your right, take the green bucket. Now talk to the yellow puffle to right of that.

14. Go to the Plaza and then the Pizza Parlour. Pick up the sheet of music near the piano. Put it in your inventory.

15. Go to the Snow Forts and using the bucket of snow, click on the snow on the ground. It will then fill the bucket with snow.

16. Go back to the Plaza and into the Stage. Then on your right you will see a piano. Click on it. Place your music sheet on the piano and play the notes according to the color.

17. The golden puffle will then come out of hiding. Next, give him the Prime Gear poster and then the bucket of snow. He will replicate a replica of the gear.

18. Go to the Gadget Room via the HQ. Go back to the Test Chamber and do the same thing you did with the ice cube except push the snowflake button instead.

19. Go to the Snow Forts. Click on the Clock Tower. Place the gear in the middle of the panel, the spring in the upper left and the target on top of the pole.

20. Now exit the clock. The penguin will start to cheer and then your phone will start to ring. It is the polar bear saying that was just a distraction for his more ultimate plan. This will not be the last time we will see him!

21. Claim your medal and gift!


I’ll add more pics later. Ok?

Waddle On,

Tiristern Signature

Monsterlit21: Wow, nice pic


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  2. i am confused!!!!!
    commant back!!!!

  3. tristern…
    if you want me to add you to blogroll… you have to add me first.
    once u do that.. leave a comment on my site!

  4. hey, Plz Add me You don’t have too. but can you work on my custom css to?

  5. Hey! Sorry about that. I accidentally deleted you. I will put you back on. Is the contest over? I found TIRI DA NINJA, emailed you, but you never e-mailed back.


  6. sweet dude check out some of my animations too!!!!

  7. Awesome edit tiri! great work.

  8. Everthing the same on misams header except for the font and text.

    Text:cpcooliesiet best site ever

    font ICE CAPS

  9. That’s a great edit dude 😉

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