Pirate Party 2008


Updates and Good News: Rockhopper’s Captain Quarters are Opening soon! The Key might be in the shape of Rockhopper,  you know? Check back for more details.


Hello Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Say thanks to Mew850, Simmer27, and Matrex10 for helping me!

The Pin is in the Ski Village. Hover your mouse over the right Shovel to make it dig!

They re-released the Sailor Hat. It can be found at the Plaza.

As for me, I believe this party to be a repeated and dull one. It looks exactly the same as last years, not counting the Dock.

As for Sports Catalog Updates….:

They re-released the Red and Blue Caps! Those were one of my most wanted items, but now they’ve re-released them! 😀

There is a baseball theme for the Sports Catalog now. Check it out!

The only secret is the Silver Surfboard Secret.

First, click the Flame Surfboard to make it the Flower Surfboard.

Then, click the Sea Star and Clam on the beach in the picture.

Then the Silver Surfboard Appears! 😀

Waddle On,

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  1. No problem Tiristern.
    I was on this party last year and it totally rocked!But this year is the same and the pin is hidden exactly in the same place!And they brought back the sailor hat!Im lucky they didnt bring back the black puffle bandana.

    Keep visiting cpmythbusters!

  2. I bougth Custom Css.
    Can you make mine look likes Yours kind of.

  3. Youtube search Cag97!!!!!

  4. Hey dude awesome site! I am having a contest on my site and I was thinking you might be interested in it. To check it out click my name.

    -Nightmare 90

  5. how do you make the scroll box on the sidebar and put links in it?
    Waddle On!

  6. Triseten PLZ work on my Custom CSS You said you would never you did 😦

  7. Great job with CSS!
    Also I firgued out how to use it.

  8. What did you do on my custom Css!????!!?!? theres not anything different but i changed it becuz it went all black and werid

  9. hey Tiristern! Check out my new avatar. O and…i don’t know if Lugster mentioned this but me and her are combining sites. You have her name on speacial mentioning. Do you mind changong the link to our new site? Thanks!


  10. nvm Umm well I got it from Wwe Adam his site is the same!

  11. Hey Triestn!
    Well I screwed up the header at the top of my wordpress.
    Could u fix it maybe?

  12. Yay! First comment!!
    Go cpmythbusters!
    Keep visiting us!

  13. There Is A Very Rare Emerald Which IS Only In Some Games On Treasur Hunt.

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