2 New Rooms + Rockhopper’s Key

Updates: New Bribble Port! The Port # is 35337.

Anyways, here are the updates!

To get the Key, go to the Library (2nd Floor of the Coffee Shop in the Town)

Go to the Journal of Captain Rockhopper.

Flip all the way to the end to find the Key!

Once of you get the key, go back to the Migrator, enter the Ship Hold, and enter the Captain Quarters!

There is a new game for Treasure Hunters! You have to work together with a friend to find the hidden coins and rubies!

This is a Pic of the Game Screen.

There is another secret room! (Not really…)

It’s the Crow’s Nest. Click the Arrow Sign on the Huge Pole that runs up the Ship. (Mast, for you Boat Lubbers).

There’s a super cool Snow Cannon on the Crow’s Nest too! (The Best Way to Win a Snowball Fight!)
Here is a cool Color Animation of the Puffle on RH’s Flag! Da Rainbow Puffle Returns!

Waddle On,

Tiristern Signature


About Tiristern

Tiristern is 12 years old. He has experience in CSS, XML, Computer Programming, Digital Imaging, and more. He created the CPM Team for the sake of having fun. So Please Advertise Our Site!

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  1. Nice animation tiristern!

    Keep visiting cpmythbusters!


  2. Hello!
    I am very sorry. Please do not sue or shut us down. I was giving credit to your site. At the bottom I always put pics from cpmythbusters. That is what you told me to do. And I dont ALWAYS use pics from your site. please do not get upset.


  3. BTW thanks for the little messege. You know, the one where you said “Toronto is very famous unlike you”. Please forgive us. Give us a second chance. We have not had a website as long as you and we are just getting the hang of things. DO NOT GET MAD. Isnt giving people a second chance the good thing to do?


  4. Hey nice site,post,pictures!
    I have a site too! Comment if you’d like! 🙂
    Also it would be very cool if you could add me to your blogroll!
    Here is my link:
    see ya around!!!

  5. getting sick and tired of disney? start an angry mob!

  6. Dont forget to visit the new cpmythbusters bribble! http://flash.bribble.com/group.html?port=35337
    Thats the port and also,
    Keep visiting cpmythbusters!


  7. BTW we never took you off our blogroll, and at the end of all our pics we use from you we say pics from cpmythbusters, PLUS when you click on our pics it will go to your site. Why are you upset? We are giving you lots of credit. And if you dont like what we are doing I will never use YOUR pics again.


  8. Actually I am just gona go to different websites and use there better pics. If that makes you happy. Please write back! Sorry

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