New club penguin BIG size!


Matre10 here!

Today the Club Penguin team has released the Big Screen mode.To play in big screen go to Club Penguin Site and click play now.Or you can go here: ,that is the big size too.Now if you want to make it super big size(I call it like that) go to any of those optons and press F11.Now club penguin should be more bigger.

Here is an example of the difference between club penguin normal mode and club penguin super big size:

Left is super big and right side is normal.If you can`t see it well,you might have to click to enlarge.

Update from matre:The lighthouse has got a new sound,check it out.It sounds familiar to me.But it might be new.

Remember our new bribble is

That`s all for now!




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  1. BTW We will not be using your pics from your site anymore. If that makes you happy.


  2. thx Tiri!
    I didnt no y but dont add me for a while. I am being hacked and im getting really famous. i was crowded today uhh its annoying

  3. Dear Tiristern,
    What do you mean we took back our apologies? I never spammed! OK here’s the deal: I’m getting sick of getting mad at you and I don’t even know why I am mad at you. This is just a big misunderstading because we did not put you site at the top of our page! So anyways, do you want to forget it ever happened? This big argument is just going way to far. I forgive you. Do you? please take that warning/attention thing off of your site for your own safety. ya know if you say NOT to go to someones site they will. It is kind of funny!

    Waddle On!


  5. Ok. I am tired of getting mad at you to. Please erase that post. It is not fair. If you do not delete it, we will write the same thing. Do not get mad at us. You first started the whole getting mad thing. If we put that post about you, you would hate it. Please take it off. I am verry sorry. We never ment for you to get mad. And who said we took back our oppologies?



  7. Just remember that that was Lugster who said thatshe would write a post about not going to your site. NOT ME! I don’t really agree with her but its her site too so i guess she can do that if she wants. 😦
    I just want us all to get along! not fight!

  8. I want us to get along too! But why did you put we are scamming? We do NOT scam people. THAT IS A LIE!!!! Please, I just want us to get along. I do not want to be enemies!!!


  9. I never scammed anyone. PLEASE TAKE THAT DOWN!!!!


  10. Hey! I am having a party soon and would like everyone to know! It is for my 500,000 hits and I will be having a huge contest for tons of prizes.


  12. ooo look i was th thirteenth comment! XDDDD!

  13. Nice Post Tiristen and Matre10! Come check out my site sometime. It’s null

    That’s All!

  14. can i be a editor on your site… if so my admin email is

    or i dunno

  15. Hey Tiristern,
    I see that you took off the “Attention” notice. Does that mean you forgive us a nd that we are friends? Please comment back at my site for the answer!

  16. the mother ?@!#$@#

    i want a miners hat i have something to tell you guys if you want the big fish follow theres step!!!
    1:go to the ice fishing game
    2:catch some fish
    3:if you see the fish comeing get one of the small fish and wait
    4:if he’s coming at you he will eat the small
    5:and you will get 100 coins yayyyyyy

  17. booman booman cool897983658954945

    tell me some thing on club penguin thats is giveing free stuff

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