New newspaper!


Matre10 here again! Today the new newspaper arrived and here is whats inside it:

This is the newspaper,to read it without login on cp Click Here!!

Lets start!

There`s a special section about Rockhooper.The tittle is “Boat Sweet Boat”

Head over to the gift shop tomorrow!(May 2) to check out new wigs!!

Our dear Captain Rockhooper has to depart on May 5.If you need help finding him, Click Here for our Rockhooper Finding Guide!! 


Don`t forget to write your book! from 200-500 words.

 Check out the stage on May 9 for the play “Twelfth Fish”

The “In Focus” Section of today is about the forest.

The Aunt Artic questions are:

Q1:I think this might be a silly question,but who is this Rockhooper guy I keep hearing about?

Q2:I saw a penguin with a camera.Where did they get it?I´d love to have one!

The tips and secrets are about Earning coins.

The “Reviewed by you” section is about The legend of the golden Puffle.

There is a bonus puzzle.

Here is what happens when you win:

Here are the next upcoming events:

Tomrrow will be a catalog day!

There is Poetry as always.

You can read a fan comic.

And submit your own content.

That`s all for now!




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  1. First comment!!

    Keep visiting cpmythbusters!!


  2. tiristern its me joshualan10! pls visit my site and put me in your blogroll! i already put your banner in my site!

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