New newspaper Issue #135!

Hey! Matre here!

Today the new newspaper has arrived on cp!

To read it without loggin on cp Click Here!

Update: Hey! The Rockhooper rare plant is growning more! Look at it now!

If you have one,take a look at it!

If it doesnt work go here:

Here is what is inside it:

The history of the 3 penguins knights continues…

They saw a dragon asking for some food.And the three penguins were hungry too,so one of them said “Hey,lets throw a whole party!”

So get ready to party tomorrow from May 16-21!


Start Saving your coins because on May 23 there will be a new igloo contest!!

If you submited a book wait for the next week for the winners announced! The judging is still in progress.

This week,the “In Focus” Section is about the stage.

Are puffles your passion? Waddle on to the pet shop on May 23 for a new puffle furniture catalog!

As always there are ask Aunt Artic questions.

The tips and secrets for this week are about Cart Surfer.”How to get 4000 coins”

There are as always Jokes And Riddles.

The “Reviewed by you” Section is about a penguin favourite party.

In the “Puzzle” Section there is a History called “The dragon’s secret” That you can make choosing differents words.

If you continue reading you will find some Poetry.

These are the upcoming events.

If you continue there will be a fan comic.

And,On the last page,you can submit your own content.

That’s all for now!




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  1. hey,
    has Tiristern quit yet? please stop by my site and comment the answer.

    Matre: Nope,He didnt quit yet.We hope he doesnt quit but He decides.

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