Friday Updates


I have some bad news. The new features won’t be arriving at Club Penguin until Monday! Here is what Billybob posted:

Hello Penguins!

Your excitement over the upcoming features is encouraging! It’s my goal to keep all of you up to speed on how things are going as the team prepares to launch the new features. 
I just received a pretty major update. They found a few new bugs today that are going to take a couple days to fix! 
So, while our goal was to launch today, we’re now aiming to have everything live early next week. 
Thanks for your patience–I know the team appreciates all your support and encouragement as they’re working day and night on this project until it’s done!
In other news: A new Featured Igloo was just added to the Community Section of the website! Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think.
Until then…waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team
Next for the Penguin Poll:
Click Here to vote!
Also, Club Penguin made a mistake! The Furniture catalog and New Pin come out next week! Thanks to Lord Gorgon5 for the heads up.
That is a picture of the new stage!
Here is the new backround:
I like the backround but it’s not my favorite!
Keep in mind, if a pop up blocks you from getting the items.. That happens to everyone! The pop up means that the items haven’t loaded completely!
My new music video is coming soon but there are a few problems I need to fix before I upload it. Serios problems. The video won’t load correctly, stuff like that.
Waddle On!
Simmer 27

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  1. Man listen. With a new mail system coming out next week, I’ve decided to give the world my cheat I found out a couple months ago. It’s for free postcards and I can garranty you it works.
    Here it is:

    1. press the =/+ button on your keyboard.

    2. send away!!!!!! They’ll only cost you 10 coins or the cost of one postcard!!!!! This is an original cheat I found so if you post it on a page you must give me all credit. Or at leats say thanks to tonystew42. either one’ll do.

  2. And by the way, I SAW 2 PEOPLE IN THE GIFT SHOP IN MAMMOTH WITH THE GOLD VIKING HELMET!!!!!!!!!! CHECK MY WORDPRESS BLOG, FOR PICS OF THEM!!!!!!!! And if you look at the top of penguin names by the door, you’ll see a 42 which is me!!!!!!! OMG!!!

  3. I like the old header and the design way better than this one. Thats just my opinion. Blue and red looks weird….

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