Our ”To do” List


Matre here!

I’ve made a new To Do list for you to see the few things we need to make this site more better! Check it out:

Everything marked is done! Im having a few more ideas for the blogroll and the widgets.As you may see,the CSS changed a lot too,but it’s not finished yet.If you have any ideas,don’t forget to tell us!

Also,if you didnt notice about our 2 new pages they are the Club Penguin Awards Shop (Game) and the Everything Known About Club Penguin (Wrote as ‘Everything’ on our list).

So,don’t forget to give us ideas!

Waddle on!


Posted on July 15, 2008, in Club Penguin Mythbusters. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. OH MY GOSH! I CANT BELIEVE YOU FORGOT TO PUT THE FEATURES OF CLUB PENGUIN! Penguin mail is already here… and so much more stuff. If you want to look at whats happening go to watex or something. Plus you guys ripped me off. I found tiri da ninra 2 times, and you didnt give any prizes! Please respond, and do NOT delete this comment.


  2. Oh and of cource you need a new header. I think you should get a different design for the website to. Im just trying to help. Dont get mad, and put a mean post about me and my friend like LAST time.

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