Club Penguin New features!!

Update: Click Here to go to my new Bribble Chatbox.


Here are the new features! 

 The main servers are at the front! Now if you want another server click the More Servers button!

Also the Spy Phone has a new location, it’s on your side bar above the map! I like that location better because you aren’t clicking your backround when you are attempting to telaport! D

Before Penguin Mail, that symbol ment you had a buddy request! Now it’s your symbol for Penguin Mail! Click the mail symbol and you will get this:



I had just logged in and clicked the Penguin Mail logo and got this! The free item is a blue mailbag!

Here is what the Blue Mailbag looks like on your player card:



I didn’t even close my player card and I was wearing the Mailbag!

Also when you put an item on it will stay in your inventory and will not leave!



That is a better picture of the new player card! I liked the old ones a little better though.

Also when an item loads in your inventory this is what you will see before you see the item:



Here is a picture of a player card while it loads. When you click a player card the clothes fly on really fast! It looks really cool:



I took a picture of Mr Fun 5 because it was the first player card I clicked!

Here is what a buddy invitation looks like:



The old postcard notice is now a  buddy invitation!

Here is what happens when you get mail:



There will be a number (like in this picture I asked Spider Manj to send me a card so I coud show you) showing how many postcards you recieved!


You have all 3 tools but you can open only one at once!

When you go anywhere it says Joining!

After you send a postcard this is the picture you get!

All the postcards have a Penguin Mail logo on then and have a new look.

Also you can have onver 100 buddy’s now!

There are a few features I hopw you discover on your own!

I will post them tomarrow.

Waddle On!

Credit to Simmer 27



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  1. they are not giving me!

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