New newspaper!

Heya! Matre here!

I have alot of news so lets start with the news paper!

First off, Shadow Guy has been chosen favorite super hero. I just like his blue cape, but hes OK. Gamma Gal is probably the most creative though, in my opinion. D

Don’t forget the Music Festival! Once again, the free item will probably be a Trumpet or a Baton.

Club Penguin is coming out with new music! Last time Club Penguin came out with music was in February! Club Penguin came out with music in December, for Christmas, then took it off! My penguin never deleted the music (changed) so it’s still playing!

Also the puffle has went to the Ice Rink and left the Night Club. You can’t play hockey because the Green puffle won’t let you!

Here is the current events:

July 18th:

New Music

New Pin Hidden

New Furniture Catalog

July 25-30:

Club Penguin Musical Festival

August 1st:

New Clothing Catalog

New Pin Hidden.

Next for the Community blog updates!

The new comic is pretty funny! Check it out!

I would have to say, best comic yet! This comic is funny and is short, everything a comic needs to be!

There is no new featured igloo or poll. I will keep checking back for more updates!

Here are some cool Glitches Watex found! All credit to Watex:

FEATURE/BUG #10 Blank Chat– If you press the space bar and then enter, you’ll get a blank chat bubble.

FEATURE #11 Puffle Stats – You can no longer see the puffles’ stats or name of another penguin’s igloo.

FEATURE #12 Sled Racing/Find Four/Manacala List – The loading list has changed slightly when you’re waiting for players.

FEATURE #13 Finding a Buddy– The ‘Find Buddy’ button on your buddy’s player-card has changed to a question mark.

FEATURE/GLITCH #14 Reading the Paper Backwards– First, sit sideways, face up, or dance. Then open your newspaper. You’ll be reading it all wrong or not reading it at all. Go to the Dojo to see yourself doing this while reading the newspaper.

FEATURE/GLITCH #15 Talking – (Thanks to Katy817) If someones talking behind you and your speech bubble is blocking theirs, no matter how much they talk, it won’t come in front of your own speech bubble.

FEATURE/GLITCH #16 UNLIMITED BUDDIES Probably my favorites glitch. For that reason, I’ve been on Flippers Dock for a long time now, accepting almost anyone who requests to buddy me!

FEATURE/GLITCH #17 Ski Hill – The Mountain is now called Ski Hill when you hover your cursor over it on the Map. However, when you go to it, it says ‘Loading Mountain’

FEATURE/GLITCH #18 Zoom in – If you right click anywhere at anytime, then select Zoom in, you can zoom in to view ultra large penguins. You can click, hold, and drag to move around.

FEATURE/GLITCH #19 Non-chat servers– You CAN chat on Non-chat servers.

All of these Gliches work!

Here is a picture of me doing the zoom in glitch:

Pretty cool! Once again all credit to Watex for the glitches!

Credit to Simmer 27



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  2. the unlimited buddies gitch is gone. Just to tell ya.

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