Music jam 08 & new Dj 3k!

Update: The Dock stage is now changed to another pink one.It’ll change everyday untill the party finishes.Also,on the ligthouse when no one is at the stage,it turns black.

Hey! Matre here!

Finnaly the Music jam is here! Let’s start on the secrets!

There are 2 free items!

You can find the maracas at the cove. 😦 too bad it was my rarest item.

And the mmusic jam t-shirts are at the plaza.

Also,Any place you go in with a stage,this little button will appear to the bottom left.Try Clicking it!

Too many people have been asking how to go to the V.I.P place at the dock.It’s located at the top right of the stage at the dock.

Here’s how to get in:

You need to go to the Snow forts to the Shirts rock shop and buy the V.I.P ticket.Unfortunately it is only for members.

If you are a member,inside there you’ll find a music catalog.It has a secret:

Click on The ‘ i ‘ to get the Red Guitar.

Here is how the room looks like:


Now for the Dj3k

You might have to click to enlarge.To make the DJ extra happy like on the pic,just press those 2 buttons that I marked with 2 arrows,then add all the sounds you want and when you think you are done,exit,you might get lots of coins!

Hint:If you press those 2 buttons and stay there without doing anything for like 5-8 minutes,you might get more than 200 coins!

You should check out all the rooms on cp.They are all very cool decorated.

That’s all for now!

Waddle on!



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  1. i love the party!!!!

  2. Cool! Hey Matre, are you the owner of this site now? That’s very cool!

  3. Hello. We (or is it us…) at meet you requirements and have added you to our blogroll. Please add us back. Thank you.

    Doughnut861 😀

  4. hey guys i just came back so if you could visit my site and comment or something that would be cool thx everyone for the visits we are on or 100,000 hit target right now!

  5. i am the best how do you change level on dj3k

  6. hello…i was just wondering do you have any cheats or glitches on surfing in cove?


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