August clothing catalog,new pin and more!

Hey Penguins!

This catalog has to be the one of the hardest to find hidden items in!

I will save that for last, starting with Rockhopper news! Rockhopper is currently visible threw the Telescope. Here is a picture:


Rockhopper will arrive Friday.

The new pin is located at the Night Club, here is a picture:


Two new musical pins in a row.. I have to say, the Music Festival has made things better then I expected! The Green Puffle is back in the Night Club. The Puffle left because of the Earthquake, which hasn’t led to anything, yet. Mabye Club Penguin encountered some bug and turned it into an Earthquake?

While I was searching for the new pin, I found some traits that might have something to do with the next mission. Here are some pictures:

Some strange notes at the Lodge, but thats not all. Here are a few more pictures:

The Find Four board is on a desk and there is a small pipe running through the Couch, strange..

There are a few more changes. This probably has to do with Mission 9. Herbert will be going after the Ski Lodge.

Now for the Clothing Catalog:

There is one new backround. The other two backrounds have been realesed earlier.

Click the Pink Guitar’s button for the Mixed Bracelets.

Click anywhere inside the highlighted for the Red Viking Helmet. Open and close the Helmet 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

For the catalog, click the blue shirt in the glacier suit for a jade necklace.

The final cheat is the top left piece of the purple shield in clearance which can be clicked for a woodsman hat.

Credit to Wwe Adam for the last two hidden items.

Waddle On!

Credit to Simmer 27


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