Rockhopper is back,new play at stage and boat search!

Hey matre here!

Captain Rockhooper has returned to cp.Here are the free item and members items this time:

Finnaly cp brings some feet items! There has been an year and a half! You might have to click to enlarge.Also,there is a hidden item,click the steering wheel for the life ring furniture item.

The new play at the stage is called team blue rally 2,you should check it out.Its coo.l! Too bad the switchbox3000 is not there but you can make some things by clicking stuff like the score board.And there also is a new background too! Its the Gym background.

And also the water boats scavenger hunt has begun!

Here are the answers to the scavenger hunt!

You will see a Small Paper boat next to the moderator sign.Click it for the tips!

  1. Outside the Mine
  2. On the Cove
  3. Coffe Shop
  4. Beach
  5. Pool
  6. Pet shop
  7. Dock
  8. Ice berg

now you find them,click the small paper boat next to the moderator sign.You have to make up a Paper plan drown by Rockhooper.Try to do it your own.

When you do it,you will get a card from Rory!

And the final prize is a blue print Background,here is how it looks like if you have it on:

Thats all for now!

Waddle on!



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    Great post, as always!
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  2. ever get confused about how rpry is a secret agent, A judge, and an inventor. on one of my recent posts.


  3. iDBkm7zttmZQ5

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