The Penguin games start!


Matre here!

I have to say i am really excited about the Penguin games and it’s the best party ever! 😀

Let’s start on to see what’s in it!

Here are the free items:

The blue face is located at pizza parlor,and if you wave with it,it takes out a Go blue! Sign.

The red face is located at coffe shop,and if you wave with it,it takes out a Go Red! Sign.

Now lets go on with the games:

To start playing just click on the medal at the top right corner:

Here are the games to play!

Here’s The Marathon,Location:Iceberg

To start,go in the start line and wait until the sign says go!

For the marathon,everytime you see a light,stay on them until you see it turns on,then you can continue.

Here’s about the Three lap race,Location:Ice berg

As before,stay on the starting line until the sign says go!

Every time you see a light,stop in it like in the Marathon.

Here’s about the Free style swimming,Location:Pool

Important:To win,you will need to do 5 lengths.The scorer will help you to know how many lengths you’ve done.

My favourite room is…all! I love all the party and it’s my favourite of all times!

That’s all for now!

Waddle on!



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