New newspaper!

Hey! Matre here!

The new newspaper talks and gives a lot of info of the upcoming parties the next 2 months! Autumn is starting soon in club penguin! And If you guys live in the south,spring!

What do you think it will be? Maybe a mystery movie? 😀

Here’s about the next 3 parties!!

Our first party wil be…

The fall fair!! This party has so cool decorations! I remember last’s year.Rockhooper gave us all the stuff to make it and we kept it.I guess we’re using it again on 26th of September! Rockhooper is not on the telescope right now,but he might come!

Here’s an sneek peek of it:


Our 2nd party is…

Happy birthday! Club penguin’s birthday is this October 24th! This party will be for just one day,giving out a special item that will never come back,so don’t miss it!

Last but not least is…

Halloween,there’s no october without halloween! If you couldn’t go to the last party you will love this one of course! For the 2nd Time club penguin is turning from day to night to celebrate and scare your friends!

Here are the current events:

September 12, 2008:

New Stage

New Pin Hidden

September 19, 2008:

New Igloo Catalog

September 26, 2008

Fall Fair Begins

New Pin Hidden

October 3, 2008:

New Clothing Catalog

That’s all for now!

Waddle on!



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  1. I would prefere if you would call me Blitz7 on your blogroll.

  2. Hey, Guess what? The new stage name is Ruby the ruby!

  3. i love the fall fair

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