New newspaper!

Hey! Matre here!

Today’s Thursday and a new newspaper arrived to cp! 😀

Credit to KingPin2 for the pics. 

To start go on the last page and click the paper on Aunt Artic’s table,you will see a message:

Click the center of the paper. It’ll go to other page,there,click the penguin’s book.

Another paper will appear.Click it

Click on the cookie.

Click the paper again.

Now click on the TV.

Continuously, click on the paper.

Now,click the penguin’s coffe.

Now you will see a letter from G.It tells you that you will be called for a mision.

For the club penguin fall fair, their will be lots of new secrets. Club Penguin members will be able to go on a special room. It will have special games for the members. Non members won’t go in it 😦 but there will be prizes and more!

Fall fair is tomorrow!

Everyweek in October there will be an igloo contest like last year! You can win 15,000 or 30,000 coins!

Waddle On!



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  1. Hey,dude whats up shaking you know dude word I have a fravor remember hmm
    Forgot owner of the blog but anyway matre I need to knwo got the code for flying ninja I will give a very very awesoem program for it it makes flyign banners etc Wannan tarde code for it Comment back at

  2. cooooooolllllll……….=]

  3. Hey Matre,
    I have a question for you: Do you remember someone with the name Puddlewink? Well, that’s me. I was a BIG fan of Tiristern when he owned this site… But then we got into this BIG fight because he thought that I did not leave credit to him for taking pictures that he made… I really did though. Well, I was wondering if u knew him in person. Do you? Or if you don’t please contact him and tell him that if he remembers we that I am truly sorry for that bif argument. On your site u can search “Puddlewink” and you will see that he wrote a not to me. 😦 All I can say is that i did not advertise!!
    Good Luck with your site and i want to let u knoe that i quit cp…

    Matre10: I don’t know him in person.And I didnt see him in like 2 months.Too bad you quit cp 😦

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