New newspaper!

Hey! Matre here!


Today a new newspaper Issue #158 arrived to cp!


Since I am on a labtop that cant take pics I hope Simmer or Chewy will update this post with some pics.


Lets start on!


On the newspaper,theres an Interview with Captain Rockhooper,here is a little bit of what he said,


CPT>Why the big grin?
Rh>Arr,I have a surprise in store for ye! I be fetching ye a cannon for the 3rd Anniversary party! i will be celebrating with ye!


He also talks about a new book with pics of what happened! Another Story book!


The spooky igloos winners are announced! Congratulations to all of them,Grand Prize winners get 25,000 coins.And the other winners get 15,000!




A storm is coming to cp! If you look through the glasses at the cove…you can see a storm coming! I think we will have a really spooky Halloween! Its a HUGE storm!


Halloween party wont start on the 31th as i thought.It will be on 29th!


Here are the upcoming events:


October 24th:


Club penguin 3rd anniversary!
Club penguin convention! If you didnt get a ticket,you can see it from Time Square
Club Penguin Plushes gets into all your favourites Toys R Us!
New pin hidden!


October 29th:


Halloween Party! Get ready to get spooky prizes and waddle over a storm with some buddies!
Rockhooper leaves


November 5th:


Fireworks on the ski!


November 7th:


Penguin style catalog


Also,Dont forget about Simmers Halloween party!




This party is on Saturday, October 25, 2008. This party will not be delayed to Sunday.


Click here and subscribe! If you couldn’t read the video invitation, here are the details:


Where: Starts on the Server Tundra at the Dock.


When: Saturday, October 25, 2008. 11:00 AM Club Penguin Standard Time.


Why? It’s Halloween!


Who’s Invited? EVERYONE!!


Thats all for now!


Waddle on!




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