Hey Guys!

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Hello i am Robcp1 and im a new worker here. I quit my old site to work here and will help Tiristern with the site. I go on Club Penguin and this is the penguin i use:

I am 1036 days as of today and i have like 5 buddy spots left. I will only add you if you say Hi rob when u see me xD.

Im gonna help Tiristern with contests (one coming up for a black toque on your email), Pages if he wants, Updates, and more.

Thanks Tiristern for adding me i promise i will be a good worker :D.



About robcp1

Hi im Robert.I like to go by Rob.I go on cp and the computer everyday.I have a penguin named Ukela, a penguin named Robdogrs3128, a penguin named Screamcheese, and a penguin named Kute N Crazy. I go on all of them. I like to go on the servers Mammoth and Frozen.

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  1. I wonder how you got maddy !

  2. Dude.I can’t believe you quit! I deleted my site to come work with you. You are not a good friend.

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