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Hey Everybody!

Tiristern here with the New Newspaper Updates. 


You Can Read the Newspaper without Logging On Here.

Click “More…..” for the Rest of the Post!

The “Ninja” Hunt is On!

Go to the First Article in the Newspaper.


Click all the Letters to make up “Ninja”. You have to Click Each Letter Separately, or it won’t Work.

Once you do the Clicky Stuff, you get this!


The Cove is the only place in Club Penguin where there is Fire, Water, and Snow all in one Room.

Apparently, this has to do with the new Club Penguin Trading Cards coming out soon. 

Club Penguin Trading Cards will be available mid November at Toys”R”Us – just in time to connect with the newest Club Penguin game. Let us know what you think – and tell us any ideas you have for the cards!!

^ That’s what Billybob wrote. If there are any more changes, I’ll edit this more.

It’s the Old Man/Penguin who’s been trying to dig out the Dojo!


Who exactly is this penguin?

I haven’t seen this before.


Maybe I’ll make this one a Myth Sometime!

Upcoming Events:

November 7- New Clothing Catalog Comes Out!

November 21- New Play Comes Out!

November 7-20 New Pin is Released!

Remember to Check Back Every Day for new Updates and Such!

Flippers Unite!

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Tiristern is 12 years old. He has experience in CSS, XML, Computer Programming, Digital Imaging, and more. He created the CPM Team for the sake of having fun. So Please Advertise Our Site!

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  1. this is rubbish i wanna see a youtube version
    Tiristern: We do have one….

  2. i love clubpenguin!

    wow ninjas? i wanna be one to.

  3. Sambabeat The 96

    Dumb thing is that the cards arent coming out in the UK.
    I like pie

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