CP Updates

There are a bunch of new things on cp.

First of all is the Coins For change thing.

Donation stations are all over the island.


Coins for change decides what money cp donates goes to

There are 3 catagories to dontate to:


When you click one then it says how many coins you want to donate:


Also rockhopper has returned and he is supporting the coins for change drive:



He has a new catalog too:


And finaly there is a new igloo catalog:

Click the holly for the leaning tree:


Click the velvet rope for the welcome mat:


The new things are you can build a snow fort igloo:


And you can buy the trees that you see around cp:


They have tons of new postcards too

Theres invites to card jitsu, the stage, and more.

And they brought back the golden puffle play to the stage.

Also, i would like to announce that Pengapop123 Is officially 1102 days old!


Thats all for now



About robcp1

Hi im Robert.I like to go by Rob.I go on cp and the computer everyday.I have a penguin named Ukela, a penguin named Robdogrs3128, a penguin named Screamcheese, and a penguin named Kute N Crazy. I go on all of them. I like to go on the servers Mammoth and Frozen.

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  1. December Contest: 1 Year Old Penguin at http://gardenax.wordpress.com/ . It has so many items. And if you win, you can keep it permanent! Not only that, but you will get 20 Points added to the next contest you participate in. So what are you waiting for? Contest ends December 22, 2008. It’s not gonna last forever!

    ~ Globalsavior a.k.a. Gardenax

  2. Contest at my site for
    -blogroll until Christmas
    -admin for 2 and a half months
    -chance to meet me

  3. my penguin is 632 days old

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