We Are Coming Back!

UPDATE:  I Forgot To Tell You That You Can Check Out What Is Going On Around Club Penguin At www.twitter.com/zachchevy And You Can Download My Trainers At www.zctrainers.wordpress.com Also Comment And Let Us Know What You Want…I Am Capable Of Making  Club Penguin Trainers…

Hey Guys!  I Am Zach Chevy!  Newest Addition To The Club Penguin Mythbusters!  I Have Been Hired By Madz To Bring CPM Back To Life With Updates, Newer Templates, And Everything.  Everything Will Be New…We Would Like To Thank All You Fans That Have Stuck Around With Us As We Disappeared For Awhile…Thanks To You Guys, We Will Bring This Blog Back To Life With Newer Graphics And All.  This Site Needs A Lot Of Work But We Will Eventually Bring It Back Step By Step.

Thanks For Sticking Around!

~Madz & Zach-Chevy


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  1. Feel Free To Comment On What You Want On The New CPMB!

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