Club Penguin Christmas Party Cheats (December 2009)

Hello Penguins

Finally the ”Club Penguin” 2009 Christmas party is here with some awesome things to do and all over the island!!

To get The Santa Hat , go to the ”Ski Village”

The Snow Man Pin can be found in the ”Attic”.

1.Enter Santa’s Sled by walking through the door in the workshop of the Dance Lounge.

3.The Santa’s Sleigh will take off , there will be a red button on the right side. Click on that button at the right time and it’ll drop , it is up to you to deliver them!

4.Once you have delivered 15 presents into the igloos , you will be able to receive ”The Santa Suit”.

Click on The Gold Igloo with the piece of paper on top to enter your igloo.

Throw Ornaments instead of snowballs at the tree in The Forest!


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