January 2010 Igloo Catalog Secrets & New Pin

The new furniture and igloo catalogs came out today and the new pin also.

The Current Pin is the The Puffer Fish Pin and it is located at the Ice Berg.

1.Click on the stone couch (center) , to get Portal Box:

2.Click on the stone lamp(middle) , to get HD TV:

3.Click on the middle of the ski in the bottom left, to get Snowboard Rack:

4.Click on the blue bird,to get Nutcracker:

5.Click on the red bow, to get Small Christmas Tree:

6.Click on the star, to get Christmas Lights:

7.Click on the middle of click on the star,to get Coat Rack:

7.To get Shoe Rack,click on the ship (right) of the aquarium.

8.To get Wood Stove,click on the right leg of the table.

9.To get Fireplace,click on the right tower.

10.To get Icicles,click on the top of Snow Fortress wall.

There’s also a very cool new cave igloo.

Now finally, The Rocks in CP are falling you will see that the rock slide has gotten even worse! Here is what its like.

Please comment what is  your favorite  item from the  new furniture catalog is.

– Madzhidov, The Captain of The Club Penguin Mythbusters


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