Cave expeditions has begin!

Today is Friday,the cave expeditions have finally begun.

1.To start mining first grab a free helmet in the Mine.

Once you have that hat, go into the caves. There is a lot of cool stuff in the first room, you could help out by using the drill or by lighting up the room throwing snowballs inside the machine.

Important:To collect the pin you need to use the drill in four different places in the room.Once you’re done you can get the new pin and you can enter another room.

The second room looks very cool and awesome , so check it out.

2.Members can get a new item called the Deep Sea Diving Suit from the room .

3.Go through the next entrance (underwater)only members can enter the underwater room!In this room you can get a new background.

What’s your favorite item of the cave expeditions ?

-Madzhidov,The Captain of The Club Penguin Myth Busters


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  1. that would be great if you helped with css! Thank you!

  2. Hey this is Chrisdog93 from I noticed your posts were quite good and I was thinking of adding you to the team. If you are interested please send an email to stating that you would like to join the team. We’d love to have you and are waiting for your reply!

    – Thanks, Chrisdog93

    • Oh! Wow you live in New York.You are very close to me.I live in Montreal in the province(or state)called Quebec.Don’t be confused with Quebec City

      -Madzhidov,The Captain of The Club Penguin MythBusters(

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