Herbert’s Revenge

I was very surprised when I went to the CP Blog to find this post:

Hey Agents!

It’s been over a year since the original Elite Penguin Force for Nintendo DS came out. We’ve heard that lots of you like it and you’ve even been asking if we’re making another one. We’re really excited to be the first to tell you about the brand NEW EPF game for the Nintendo DS that’ll be released mid 2010!! Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge will have cool stuff you said you liked from the first game – and TONS of new surprises.

Since the team’s building it right now, we want to be able to show you some behind-the-scenes work we’re doing. Just for a start, here’s a sketch of something you’ll be seeing in the game…

epf sketch1.jpg

What do you think – would you and your Agent friends hang out here?

In other news: A few months ago we posted an image of a mysterious penguin and we told you she’d be helping Agents sometime in the future. Some of you said she looked a lot like Dot the Disguise Gal from the original Elite Penguin Force Game for the Nintendo DS. You were right!! You’ve been asking more and more about a new mission and we’re going to have some news for you really soon. And yes – Dot’s involved…

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

This will be awesome!  Don’t tell anyone this but Herbert is one of my favorite characters…shhhhhh. lol!  Anyways, Club Penguin is also releasing a new mission soon and Agent Dot will be waddling around Club Penguin and when you meet her, she will have an autograph, just for you!  I can’t wait!  Let me know what you think!

~Zach Chevy

PS- You may have noticed that this site is getting some major upgrades and new pages!  Let us know what you think so far!


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  1. Hi Zach Chevy,
    I find your website has very good updates compared to the other Club Penguin websites however, you should have included some Card-Jitsu cheats. But throughout everything else it was perfect.
    Thank You

    • hey! Thank you so much for commenting! Your comment made my day! We love hearing from people like you because you are the type of person that makes us push on with updating the site! We will take your advice and work on a Card Jitsu page just for you! Thanks again! You are awesome!
      ~Zach Chevy

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