New Newspaper!

Club Penguin has just released the issue #228 of the Penguin Times newspaper.

On page A2, they talk about Rockhopper and his pirate puffle Yarr! It has ran away somewhere around the Island. Rockhopper needs our help to find Yarr!

On page A4, they talk about the Penguin Play Awards which should be arriving to Club Penguin at March 19th! It’s a huge Club Penguin event that you don’t want to miss it because you can vote for your favorite Stage play from 2009.

On page A6, they talk about the Cave Construction. Club Penguin says that the Cave should be open soon so we could have new adventures!

This week’s on page B1 (In Focus), Ninja guides you around the Dojo.

Upcoming Events:

March 4th: Rockhopper Arrives!
March 5th: New Penguin Style Catalog!
March 12th: Igloo Upgrades Catalog!
March 19th: Penguin Play Awards!

Club Penguin is going to update very soon their Underground Caves , do you think there will be new rooms? Let us know!

~Zach Chevy


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