Rockhopper Safe Chat Menu

Hello Penguins! Rockhopper was asking if we could help him find Yarr. To help Rochopper Club Penguin has created a new Menu Chat feature that you only able to use it for Rockhopper’s visit and finding his Puffle Yarr!

Check out the new feature:

How to use the Menu Chat to find Yarr:

1.Click on the Menu Chat button beside the text bar.
2.Click Hello on upper left.
3.Click Rochopper on upper middle.

There are many different things that you can say to Rochopper or to anyone.

Here are the stuff you could say:

  1. Has anyone seen Rockhopper?
  2. Hi Rockhopper!
  3. Rockhopper i have a question
  4. Where’s Yarr?
  5. Has anyone seen Yarr
  6. Lets look over here!
  7. Is Yarr in here
  8. I think i saw Yarr!
  9. We have to keep looking
  10. I found Yarr!
  11. Hi yarr!

This is very helpful to use this when you meet Rockhopper or helping him to find Yarr.

Have you met Rockhopper or even found Yarr yet? Let me know!

– Madzhidov/Frenzen


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