The Penguin Play Awards 2010 Are Here!

Hey Everyone!  Today the Penguin Play Awards have begun!  Read our official guide to get the best out of the awards!  And remember-have fun!  Just like last time, the winner of the Penguin Play Awards will arrive at the stage once the Penguin Play Awards are over!

Here are the 5 Choices for this year:

  1. Squidzoid
  2. Ruby and the Ruby
  3. Underwater Adventure
  4. The Quest for the Golden Puffle (winner of last year’s awards)
  5. Fairy Fables

To vote for your favorite play, go to the plaza and walk over to the voting booth!

There are 5 categories to vote on:

  1. Best Play
  2. Best Costume
  3. Best Music
  4. Best Effects Best Set

Inside the stage, you can watch a short video summary about each play!  Check it out:

Now let’s go backstage!  To go backstage, walk over to the door that says ‘BackStage’ on it.

This year there are two free items for members!

The Penguin Play Awards Trophy.  (This item was here last time.)

And a new item for members –  a video camera:

This year non-members get a free item too!  It’s a Press Hat!  To get the Press Hat, go to the dock!

Although this is an awesome free item, I don’t think it sits of your head right… What do you think?

I just think it looks a little weird.

Anyways, the Penguin Play Awards are also being celebrated in these locations:

  • Ski Hill
  • Dock
  • Pizza Parlor

There are little decorations and advertisements for the awards everywhere so keep an eye out for them!

Also, there are some new postcards but the one that I am interested in is the one that invites your friends to the awards!   Check it out:

(There is also a postcard that is creating quite a buzz about tipping the Iceberg but that will be in the first episode of The Club Penguin Mythbusters so come back for updates on that)

The Penguin Play Awards are a huge hit this year!  Make sure you check our tracker to get Aunt Arctic, DJ Cadence, The Penguin Band, and Gary’s awesome Autographed Backgrounds!

~Zach Chevy

Also, have you noticed there was no St. Patrick’s Day Party this year?!?  What’s going on?  Is there going to be an April Fools Party?  I hope so!  Let me know what you think!


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