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Thanks For Checkin Us Out!  This Site Was Created A Long Time Ago By Someone By The Name Of Tiristern.  He Would Post For A While And Quit For A While.  Thanks To Him, This Site Became Popular Even Before We Took Over!  In March Of 2010, The Club Penguin Mythbusters Was Self Hosted And Switched Sites!  Click Here To View The Old Site! We Plan To Give You The Best Guide To The Massive Online Game: Club Penguin.  Come Back For Awesome Updates And More!

~The CPMB Team

  1. comment number 1!!!!!!!!

  2. comment number 2

  3. yeah three comments in a row!!

  4. Hi i was promised I could join this blog when my penguin name was Kaneos but you never added me. I post often I have a blog clubpenguinaces.co.nr and cpaces.co.cc that has millions of hits and I can make email addresses like tristern@cpmythbusters.net

    my penguin kaneos is was over 700 days old. I’m also on ceptor99.wordpress.com

    I’m excellent maybe the best in the buisiness at finding cheats ang glitches. My freind can hack nearly anything including watex.

    I found a free way to get unregistered hypercam licences and it worked so I can make good vids although my last two were ~~~~ because they weren’t meant to be good.

    I used to own kaneos.wordpress.com not much good but I woned a blog with over 1000000000 hits called clubpenguincheatsos.wordpress.com

    I know how to make webbanners and pin widgets.

    I want to join because this blog has cool posts, css, domain name and much much more please respond by emailing me.


  5. Hi Tiristen Egypt45 here can i jion the site plz plz and go on the sever White House ill be there and i love ur pics!

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