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Construction At The Mine!

Hello Penguins! Have you checked out the Mine because it looks like there will be a construction for the the Puffle Rescuing game! Have you noticed that the yellow pufflehas disappeared?

Check out the mine:

Do you think we have to unlock a mysterious room to play the game? Let me know what you think!



Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #229

Club Penguin has just released the issue #228 of the Penguin Times newspaper.

On page A2, they talk about Rockhopper and his pirate puffle Yarr! It has run away somewhere around the Island. Rockhopper needs our help to find Yarr!

On page A4, they talk about the Penguin Play Awards which should be arriving to Club Penguin at March 19th! It’s a huge Club Penguin event that you don’t want to miss it because you can vote for your favorite Stage play from 2009.

On page A6, they talk about the Cave Construction. Club Penguin says that the Cave should be open soon so we could have new adventures!

This week’s on page B1 (In Focus), Ninja guides you around the Dojo.

Upcoming Events:

March 4th: Rockhopper Arrives!
March 5th: New Penguin Style Catalog!
March 12th: Igloo Upgrades Catalog!
March 19th: Penguin Play Awards!

Club Penguin is going to update very soon their Underground Caves, do you think there will be new rooms? Let us know!

– Madzhidov/Frenzen

Windows Leaking at the Club Penguin Pool!

Hello Penguins! I was asking myself when is the sumer party or water party are coming. Recently, I have just spotted windows which are leaking at thepool!

Check it out:

Look at the windows, they are leaking.

Does that mean there will be a water party coming soon, a new game or even maybe a new mission?

What do you think? Let me know!

– Madzhidov/Frenzen,

Adopt more Puffles on Club Penguin!

Hey Penguins! I have some good news. Previously, you could only adopt 16 puffles, but now you only have up to 18 puffles in your igloo at a time!

Check it out on the Club Penguin Puffles login screen:

Don’t forget, Rockhopper will arrive on March 4th or 5th! Keep refreshing our tracker, and you will able to find Rockhopper easily! Do not miss his new rare items!

– Madzhidov/Frenzen,

Club Penguin’s New Series 7 Treasure Book Cheats & Secrets!

Hello Penguins! Today Club Penguin released the new Club Penguin Series 7. I was able to find out the cheats and secrets. Here are all of the Club Penguin Series 6 Treasure Book Cheats.

To find the Bunny Outfit:

1.Go to page 1
2.Click on the treasure

How to find the ref outfit:

1.Go to page 2
2.Click on the lights

How to get the secret agent outfit:

1.Go to page 4
2.Click on the tree that is bellow

How to get the bee outfit:

1.Go to page 7
2.Click on the black spot

Page 12-13 (Exclusives):

Page 14-15 (Super Exclusives):

New Puffle page with the orange puffle:

I like the bunny ,which is your favorite item? Let me know!

– Madzhidov/Frenzen,

Club Penguin:Penguin Play Awards & New Game

Starting from this week there will be a countdown for the Penguin Play Awards until March 19. It’s a huge Club Penguin event that you don’t want to miss it because you can vote for your favorite Stage play from 2009.

Check how the stage will look for Penguin Play Awards:

News: Rockhopper has been spotted in the telescope at the Beacon, so that means he’ll arrive very soon. Keep your eye out for a new cool rescuing game! You’ll have to be quick and always ready to the rescue.

What do you think about the new game and the play awards? Let me know!

– Madzhidov/Frenzen

Orange Puffle Runs Away Card!

Hello Penguins! Today, I was able to find out how the Orange Puffle Runs Away Card SWF looks like. If you would like to purchase the Orange Puffle Runs Away Card, the Orange Puffle has to run away for you.

Check it out:

I find the Orange Puffle so cute, don’t you? Let us know what you think!

– Madzhidov/Frenzen,

Logo Change on Club Penguin’s HomePage

Hello Penguins! I noticed that Club Penguin has a new logo on their website(

Club Penguin’s new logo on

On the Club Penguin home page, it has the tilde (~) next to the logo. But it is different on the store page and on, it shows TM (trademark) instead of the tilde.

What do you think ,let me know?

3 New Club Penguin Postcards!

Club Penguin has added some awesome new postcards that you have never seen!

3 New Postcards:

Bamboo Forest:

Watch My Band Play:

Wanna Join My Band:

My favorite Postcard is Watch My Band Play,which postcard you like the most?

– Madzhidov,

New Club Penguin Puffle Furniture

New Club Penguin Puffle Furniture is out with 2 new cool puffle furnitures and 1 cheats in the catalog.

1.The Puffle Ball,150 coins:

2.The Puffle Washer,450 coins:

How to get the Gray House:

1.Go to page 3.

2.Click on ”Puffle”

What you think of the new awesome catalog,with only 1 cheat.

– Madzhidov,