Beginners Guide

Here is a guide for the players that are new to Club Penguin :

To begin with, whenever you enter the World of Club Penguin, you will have a blue ring around your penguin. This lets you know that this is your penguin. Your screen name will also appear below your penguin.

If you click on the ground in a random place, you will notice that you will move there.

You can also click on doors and other items to explore different rooms and items.

Click on yourself to open up your Player card. On your Player card you will find 2 tabs on the right side of it.

Click on the top one to see what items you have that are articles of clothing.

Click on the bottom one to view items like Colors for your Penguin, Backgrounds and Pins.

At the very bottom of your Player card you will see the amount of coins you have earned. You can earn coins by playing the amazing games of Club Penguin or you can use these coins to buy items like backgrounds and colors, or if you are a member you can buy more things like clothes and secret items.

Once another player enters the room, you can click on them to open up their Player card.

Here, you can find out more about them and you can ask them to be your buddy by clicking the smiley face.

Send them a card by clicking on the picture of an envelope (NOT SHOWN). Click on the skull icon to ignore them, or the Badge symbol to report them if they are breaking the rules.

If they are already your buddy, you can visit their igloo by clicking on the home button. Moreover, you can find out where they are by clicking the yellow face with no smile.

You can talk to people using the easy-chat. This is at the bottom in the blue bar. It is the farthest to the left. The easy-chat comes with many sayings to help you talk to other penguins.

You can also use the open-chat, which is the big bar within the blue bar. This allows you to chat openly if the words you are looking for aren’t in the easy chat box.

You can also show emoticons by using the emoticon symbols. Emoticons is an emotion expressed through an icon, like the ones on your blue bar. To open up a page with emoticons hit the happy face button. This will show many faces like happy, angry, sad, etc.

You can do actions like Dance, Wave and Sit by using the action symbol next to the emoticon button.

For fun, you can throw a snowball by clicking on the snowball button next to the action icon.

On the other side of the blue bar we will start with the star icon. This opens up your Player card in case you can’t click on your penguin due to overcrowding or something like that.

Next to the star you will see the other smiley, but this time not as happy but still in a good mood! Clicking on this allows you to view at your buddies in case you want to know which one is where.

The next icon is a picture of a house. Use this to visit your own igloo if you want to.

The last icon is used if you need information about your penguin or you want to edit something ( like your password, or become a member, etc. ). It also shows how many days old your penguin is and how many buddies you have.

That’s all for the tool bar. Now let’s move on to something a little more important like icons in the corners of your screen.

If you look at the top right of your screen, you will see a badge with a “M” on it. This is the Moderators symbol or the Secret Agent icon.

You can click on this to become a secret agent. Find more info about secret agents by visiting my

“Become A Secret Agent” page!

If you look at the top left corner, you will see a Newspaper and an envelope. You should read the Penguin Times News to know what is going on in Club Penguin and to know the upcoming events. Click on the envelope icon and you will see your Mailbox! You can see all the cards that other penguins might sent you. Sometimes you will see a card with a smile on it. This card is an invitation from somebody asking you to be their buddy or an acceptance of someone being your buddy.

Finally, at the bottom left of your screen you will see a Map. This is your easy way to help get around on Club Penguin. You will see many places on this map. You can see what they are by putting your mouse over them. But be aware that some things in Club Penguin are hidden and it will be your job to find them!

Good luck !


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