History of CP

Welcome to the Club Penguin Archives. 

This is a text version of the step by step walkthrough of how Club Penguin started and became what it is today.


Let’s Start from the Very Beginning…..

Experimental Penguins

Contrary to Popular Belief, Penguin Chat was not the first game to inspire Club Penguin. In fact, it was the result of an inspiration from Experimental Penguins. Color Choosing and Chatting. Simple. It didn’t stay up that long before Penguin Chat came.

Once Upon a Time…… Rocket Snail?

In a time before Club Penguin existed, there was only a site called RocketSnail. There, the average teenage (or kid) Internet addict could find and play online games, such as Mancala and Find Four. Also included was a game that would evolve into Club Penguin, Penguin Chat. Penguin Chat is pretty much what the name hints: a Chat where Penguins could….. Chat. Not so difficult to understand, eh?
However, there were some differences. One, you could become a Ninja (if you found the secret ninja penguin, that is.) Cool, huh? (Waiting for the Day when Ninjas would Come to CP. *cough cough*)Ooooh, Purty.


OMG It's the Ninja Penguin of Dooom! Run for your Lives!!!

OMG It's the Ninja Pengu of Doom!



But that’s Ancient History, Isn’t It?

Rocket Snail Closed Down, and they Moved Everything to Club Penguin.


A New Beginning?

Once they got the servers set up and all, Club Penguin began the beta testing for the actual game. Beta Testers received one month free membership, a beta hat (pink and yellow), and coins.
Guess What? The Beta Hat is so rare now, that people would give anything for one!!! Even Me! xD

On October 24, 2005…… Club Penguin went LIVE! 

It was a hit. They started out with about 15,000 players, but it reached more than a million by March next year. *whistles* Talk about growth!


Well, here we are! Bigger and Better than Ever, Club Penguin really has taken the world by storm. Below is a huge compiled calendar of all Club Penguin Events. 

Note: This will take a while to complete.


October 24, 2005- Club Penguin is Released to the Public

October 27, 2005- Club Penguin’s First Public Party: The Halloween Party

November 1, 2005- Penguin Paint and Igloos are now Available

November 21, 2005- Fuzzy Things (Puffles to Be) are Captured

November 23, 2005- Puffles are Discovered to be Harmless, Naming Contest

(The Winner of the Puffle Naming Contest received 3 days of Membership and 5000 Coins)

December 14, 2005- Puffle Roundup Game is Launched

December 22, 2005- First Christmas Party Ever!

  1. Good Job but your missing some facts.
    Tiristern: Yes, I know. The Calendar is still incomplete. I’m busy working on other aspects of the site first.

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