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Hi Everyone!

Please Enjoy my Funny and Edited Pictures (Not all of them are edited)



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Egad! There’s a Penguin in There!




It’s a little too late… Kinda Late, aren’t you?

Adopt Me, It Smells… Hopefully somebody does, and quick.

<a title=”Ok. I have my lucky clover, I’m wearing my lucky socks and underwear. What Am I Missing…. (The Bungee Cord? D’oh!)” Ok.<br /> I have my lucky clover, I’m wearing my lucky socks and underwear. What Am I Missing…. (The Bungee Cord? D’oh!) Suicidal Penguin! Eeek!

I had to reach in…Well, well. Today’s My lucky day! Then I will take over da world! Mehehehehe.

BURN!That hurt. >_<

I feel bad for the penguins on that mountain

>_<He’s not even HELPING!No Empathy at all. Such a Pity.

Try Find Me Now, Huh? Hide and Seek is Revolutionized.

Slowly Dying from Boredness How would you feel being there 24/7 for 2 weeks straight?

Me on TV! I’m Live! Sweet!

Ugh. I need a new diet plan. (Get it? GET IT?)

Boredom I was bored in the Pet Shop, waiting to be adopted.

Bad Singing

I must sing pretty bad.
My favorite edit

I love this edit. Beware, it just may come true.

Why Pink?!Ok… Something is REALLY Wrong Here.

Oh no…(Credit to Watex for the Idea.)

Frosty Time!Well, I was bored. Why else would I be talking to a snowman?

Sled Racing Championships

You Can’t Help but Feeling Sorry for the other guy.

Sled Racing Bloopers

This is my favorite hill: Death Descend. I’m the master at maneuvering though.

This is an Edit. (I’m not that good at Sled Racing…. Ok, I am.)

Click the image to enlarge and see the whole thing.

Toung Sticker Time!

Have you seen the movie, “A Christmas Story”? I got the idea from that.

Oops, too many snowballs… You’d think I’d have overdone it.

Mickey Kill Penguin. Oops.. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

Penguin Round Up

I feel bad for those penguins. The Puffles Revolt.

Notify Message 1

Haha! You gotta love this one! 😛 That’s what you get for disrespecting the environment!

Row Row Row your Boat!

To be continued…. The epic tale of Tiristern the Mysterious River Penguin.

>Life Ring Reach How am I supposed to be a good Lifeguard if I can’t reach the **** Life Ring?

Why do I gotta pay?Why do I gotta pay?!
(I got the idea from sightseeing binoculars.)

Funny Pic N I love my high power oven.

Say hi! All he does is sit there and dance. I was trying to be sociable.

Stuck in Tubes It’s either I’m fat, or I chose the smaller size.

Green Lazy Puffle Well, I guess that even the Keeper takes a break.

Bleh^23409 Hurry up, stupid machine!!

LOOKIE! I must be related to a fly of some sort.

Notify Message 2 I love it! LOVE IT! CHOOSE 1!

Flat as a Pancake.Nothing to say here, but, “Good Lord.”


The Penguin Must Die!

Stuck Under Haha! I’m not helping you, bub.

Weak Penguin 1 Weak Person. 😛

Not so Safe SleddingThe true reason why there are so many accidental injuries on Ridge Run.

Drilling Music The best music comes from here.

I need Privacy!!! What did I tell you! I think I’m related to some kind of fly! The lamp, and now this!


Funny_Pic_10 Gee, what a lazy guy.

Funny_Pic_11 The end is so close, yet so far…

Funny_Pic_12 Well? It certainly does look like one! Come on! Say it to my beak that it looks like a Giant Worm!

funny_Pic_13 Gosh, the Jackhammer was self-explanatory, but this guy is really weak! * cough cough *

Funny_Pic_14 Cheapo. Hmph.

Funny_Pic_15 Don’t play around with weird contraptions. That’s the moral here.

Funny_Pic_16 Pervert. You disgust me.


SUPER SUCTION POWER! (Patent 9209 by “G” the Gadget Guy. He makes almost everything around here, doesn’t he? All Rights Reserved)

I wive in a wittle twee stump! 😀

Puffle O’s
Don’t Eat Me! Pwease?
Pokity Poke

>.< Why Me? WHY ME? AAAAAGH!
Head? Beak? Wowww……

More coming soon!

  1. haha, these are funny 😛

  2. yeah very funny! Look at mine 😀

  3. dude you r real funny seriously!P.S.go on club penguin on ice berg the server,and go to the ice berg at 1:30 on 12/26/07!peace!!!$$$

  4. r u kidding me? y is this page not so funny pics? they’re awesome! i suggest u change it to just funny pics. 😛

    Tiristern: Ok, I’ll Change It!

  5. Text Removed: Advertising

    Yankeespwn: Fosters, I know you have a knack for ads, but keep it down on this site!

  6. Lol those were funny pics

  7. OMG that was so LOL!! You should make more. The one that I like the best is the last one. How did you do it?

    Tiristern: I used Macromedia Fireworks 8. You take a screenshot of Puffle Roundup by pressing “Alt” + “prt scr”, paste it into the Fireworks Canvas. Then, you can erase all the puffles. I took screenshots of penguins in a white environment, and copied and pasted them into the picture. Ta Da! (You can screenshot the speech bubbles too!)

  8. Tiristern can you add me to your blogroll? i added you to mine!


    P.S. I almost wet my pants! Those pics were so funny!

  9. awesome! hehee 😀

  10. clubpenguin1itachi

    nice pics.

  11. lol ive seen the one when the penguin falls into the mud so many times and i still love it

  12. LOL ROFL heeeekkkaaaaa FUNNEEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! lol where did u get the video with the penguins??????

    Tiristern: Hi Jess! It’s not a video, it’s an animation. I found it online on some site.

  13. Text Removed: Objective Commentary

    Yankeespwn: All products derived from watex have been marked with credit, please do not make such objective posts.

  14. kewl those r funny!

  15. Man I lov what you did with those pictures that tied in with saving the Migrator! Yeah when the Porject started I pretended I was stuck under that orange glass too!

  16. what do you use to edit those pics?

    Macromedia Fireworks 8

  17. omg this site blog thingy ROCKS DR.PHILS SOCKS!!! lol random. its goood, good progress and good detail, and those lol pics, AMAZING. keep up the good work. and if you need any help or anything, just pm me on watexs chatbox or watever.:)

    best wishes, COWS ROCK!!!

  18. how did you do the tv one?

    Tiristern: Oh! You just click in front of the penguin on the TV, and you’ll stand in front of him. Ta Da!

  19. you are the best!

  20. Tiristern, i like that last pic! It was so funny! lol! Also, how do i get Macromedia Fireworks 8?

    Yankeespwn: You can buy it (duh!) Or you can download a .iso format image, mount it with Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools and run the install wizard (Cheap and Free Way)!

  21. clubpenguin1itachi

    Nice pics dude!

  22. your funny i was laughin at every thing

  23. I also think that it lookjs like a giant worm

  24. I like the last one!! It’s so hilarious!

    Oh can I make one like that and I’ll give you credit along with your site next to it?

  25. I especially like revolt of the puffles.

  26. Awesome site i love the pics…i love the pic when u talk to the fly about changeing your seld 😀 finny 😀

  27. I like the death descend one.


  28. Can you give me a link to download Macromedia Fireworks 8 for free? Thanx! Reply please!

    ~Ennbay :mrgreen:

    Tiristern: Hell No! This program is worth $500! I paid for it myself! There’s no way I’m ever gonna get it for you for free!

  29. five hundred bucks? woah! unexpected.

  30. Oooh! Mazemaker! Eeek! Yay he knows this web!
    Anyways funny pics!

  31. This is not funny to me.

  32. Giveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    reply me

  33. Funny Pics!


  34. FLIPPLIN AMAZINGLY FUNNY. i am a man of many words……. or not?!

    Hooper 101

  35. the pics r sooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I should get banned for swearing i’m a ******* *****!!!

  37. you got that penguin that smaked the other penguin into the water from youtube it’s funny i busrt out lauhging

  38. -KilaTakashi10-

    XD!!! That is SO funny…..especially the penguin animation….go on the chat Tiri mah luver! ^.^

  39. omg lol thoose r really funny
    watex coppied you!

    cool site! please visit mine!

    it is not very popular.. and i would LOVE it if i got some comments.. 🙂

  40. omg i want to meet you fever my penguin is peckle22 meet me on yeti!!:)

  41. Cool.

    In a few days I’ll inform you of when I’ve released my cp mysteries video and seeing as we are in the same kind of department you might like to watch it.
    There are some unfamous and some famous mysteries in it.


  42. I’ve added your banner! Pls visit!

  43. My site:
    your banner is in banners to copy and in about Whitle09g and Pittle014.

  44. LOL.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!These are sooooo funny!hahahahahahaha
    icant stop laughing

  45. kewl!

    ps 2 ppl on ur blogroll hav deleted there blogs!

  46. lol lol lol i love the one wit the afro

  47. i love club penguin! my user name Cherry62053 And brothers Ibbi1887

  48. cool pics

  49. how do u cut out stuff on paint 🙂

  50. please answer! XD O.o 😀

  51. cool pics why dont you try to guess my favorite song let me give you a hint hell

  52. Ur so funny!! Each time my friends are over i cant but bother to show them this site!!! Once aain U are so funny!! I cant wait to c more things!!!!


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