Who is Rockhopper?

You’ve probably heard his name at least once, unless you’re new to Club Penguin. Rockhopper is an extremely famous penguin. Excuse me, I mean: Captain Rockhopper. This penguin is a pirate, the most renown pirate in all of Club Penguin. He comes and goes like the wind, and his ship, “The Migrator,” is the fastest of all in the blue seas. With his only buddy, Yarr, a red puffle, they sail to unknown islands, searching for loot and plunder long lost from the Great Age of Pirates. Just Kidding. There was no Great Age of Pirates, was there?

Who cares about him, anyways?

A lot of people. A lot. You’d probably be buried in snowballs thrown by angry penguins halfway through the question. In my opinion? Rockhopper is AWESOME. Every time he visits, Rockhopper gives out one free item to all Penguins. An Eye Patch, a Viking Helmet with Wings, a Pair of Pirate Boots, a Pirate Bandana, all sorts of loot! Plus, members can buy special items from him that probably won’t appear for a while. If they appear again at all, that is. Not to mention the “special” Autographed Rockhopper Background you get when you try to buddy him.

When does he visit?

If he does, you’ll know. Everybody will be making a big ruckus. His ship is always docked at the Beach, accessible from your Map, the Spy Phone, the Dock, the Lighthouse, and the Ski Village. You can’t miss it. You also can see the ship if he’s leaving or arriving through the telescope on the Beacon. He tends to come every…… few months. There is no real pattern to his visits. I’m not joking. I’d tell you if I knew. Seriously! I mean it!

How do I find him?

This is the BIGGIE. If you’re reading this page, this is the question that most of you are looking for.

Rockhopper can be pretty difficult to find. The Background is too good and rare of an item to give up.

Rockhopper’s favorite servers are Mittens, Mammoth, Parka, and other populated servers. However, he will not go on servers where his ship is full. After all, he lives on his ship.

Sometimes Rockhopper is logged on as a Robot, and sometimes he isn’t. His behavior as a Robot is not very sophisticated. He can’t answer questions as a Robot either. However, if he isn’t a Robot, he will answer your questions.

Sometimes, you just gotta depend on luck. I stumbled upon him accidentally 3 times in one visit!

Can I be his Buddy?

Unfortunately, no. Rockhopper would have over  4 million Buddies by now if that were the case. You can send RH (short for Rockhopper) Postcards, and sometimes he returns one. A fun thing to do is to attempt to Ignore him, but the buddy sign remains.

Who is Bambadee? Can I meet Him? <insert random question about Bambadee>

Bambadee is a Light Blue Penguin who sneaked onto the Migrator when no one would become his friend. When discovered by Rockhopper and Yarr, they pitied him and returned him to land. As a gift, Bambadee gave Rockhopper a Friendship Bracelet. Happy End: He got friends and gave them bracelets too! You can get a Bracelet yourself in the library. It’s at the back of the book, The Stowaway. 🙂 Sorry, you can’t meet him. He’s just a story character. Or is he? (Check back for a Myth on Bambadee)

Random Facts about RH

He’s Taller than Most Penguins

He has Facial Hair. :O

He’s Red. :O

He wears a big Black Pirate Hat! :Ow

He does know how to Tip the Iceberg. (I asked him, and he said, “That be Secret.”)

^ Well, He Knows Everything. xD

There are 45 Rockhopper Penguin Accounts!

In 2008, his Ship crashed into an Iceberg, and required Fixing. Stranded on Club Penguin for quite a while, many penguins decided to help him repair the Migrator.

In 2008, Rockhopper opened the Captain’s Quarters to the public!

Yeah, that’s all.

No, really.

  1. I got him on my ignore lsit before they changed that setting

  2. i love clubpenguin!

    my brother likes pickles

  3. i want he to be my friend


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