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Coming Back…?

Hey Everyone,  I know I’ve said before that I’m coming back but haven’t but this time I’m serious.  We are still getting up to 50 views per day and I’m not adding any new content whatsoever! That’s amazing! So here’s what I’m gonna do.  If I can get up to 20 comments saying they want the website back, I’ll totally redo the website with new design, graphics, better pics and all!  Everything will be upgraded and I’ll be hiring people to post!  So it’s all up to you guys!  Let me know in the comments if you want us back!  Remember: more content, better graphics, and a whole new community!

Zach Chevy


Clothing and Wig Catalog Secrets & New Pin

Hey Everybody!

Here are the Updates!

New Pin

The new pin, “The Shovel Pin,” is located in the Forest.


The Forest is accessible from the Map, Spy Phone, Spy HQ, Cove, or Plaza.

Clothing Catalog

In the second page, click the SnowFlake depicted for the Pink Pom Pom Toque.


On the Third Page, Click the Tip of the Pine Tree as Seen in the Picture for the Russian Hat.


On the Fifth Page, Click the Red Penguin in the Black Parka for the Red Viking Helmet. Click the Penguin 4 Times to view the Blue…… Viking Helmet. (Sorry Guys, the Yellow Viking Helmet’s gone for now. TT-TT)


Click the N in “Collection” for the Black Scuba Mask.


Click the N in the first “Clearance” Page for the Mixed Bracelets.


Click the N in the next “Clearance” Page for the Jade Necklace.


Check out the New Background(s) Available Too!

Wig Catalog

Click “The Spikester” Wig for the “Spikette” Wig.


Looks like the Wig Catalog will be merging with the Clothing Catalog soon.


Pretty interesting how all the secrets in the Clothing Catalog had to do with “N”………

There seem to be a lot of Ninja Hints lately. 

New Game

There’s a new game coming out soon, and you’ll be able to use the codes you get from the Club Penguin Trading Cards!


Flippers Unite!

Tiristern Signature

New Newspaper

Hey Everybody!

Tiristern here with the New Newspaper Updates. 


You Can Read the Newspaper without Logging On Here.

Click “More…..” for the Rest of the Post!

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