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Newspaper Delay

Hey guys…bad news.  The Club Penguin Times won’t be delivered at the usual time because the Club Penguin Team is trying to squash some bugs to improve the game.  While we are waiting, check out this sneak peek of the new newspaper:

It looks like nothing new is coming out anytime soon anyways.  Lets hope that the Club Penguin Team can squash the bugs before the Puffle Party comes out!

~Zach Chevy


Ninja Shadow Spotted At Cove

Check this out:

A ninja shadow in the window!  That’s awesome!  It is kinda hard to see so u might want to log on to check it out!

~Zach Chevy

I’m Back

Sorry for not posting in a while guys…I’ve been very busy in the last couple weeks. But I will try to start posting with my best buddy MADZHIDOV again.


~Zach Chevy

Club Penguin Times Issue #224

Today is Thursday , that means there’s a newspaper of the Club Penguin Times!

Here are the upcoming events in ”Club Penguin”.

February 5th:

  • New Penguin Style Catalog!

February 11th:

  • New Pin Coming To Club Penguin!

February 12th:

  • New Puffle Furniture!

February 12th:

  • “Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest” Arrives At The Stage!

-Madzhidov,the captain of The Club Penguin MythBusters.

We Are Coming Back!

UPDATE:  I Forgot To Tell You That You Can Check Out What Is Going On Around Club Penguin At And You Can Download My Trainers At Also Comment And Let Us Know What You Want…I Am Capable Of Making  Club Penguin Trainers…

Hey Guys!  I Am Zach Chevy!  Newest Addition To The Club Penguin Mythbusters!  I Have Been Hired By Madz To Bring CPM Back To Life With Updates, Newer Templates, And Everything.  Everything Will Be New…We Would Like To Thank All You Fans That Have Stuck Around With Us As We Disappeared For Awhile…Thanks To You Guys, We Will Bring This Blog Back To Life With Newer Graphics And All.  This Site Needs A Lot Of Work But We Will Eventually Bring It Back Step By Step.

Thanks For Sticking Around!

~Madz & Zach-Chevy