What Is A Puffle?

Hey Everyone! If Your new to Club Penguin Then your Probably not know exactly what a ‘Puffle’ Is. Well, You know how we can buy a Cat, dog, fish, ect for a pet in Real life? Well, On the Virtual World Of Club Penguin, a Puffle Is a pet which we can purchase for 800 coins each. They come from the Wild and make Fantastic Pets.

Puffles are really cool pets. Some even come and Play Mini Games around the Island with you. You need to Bath Them, Feed Them, Play with them and give them some sleep or they might run away from your igloo and back into the Wild. Puffles come in all different Colours. Here are all the Different coloured puffles are all out them.

The Green Puffle Is a Really cool Puffle and I must admit, It’s one Of My Favourite Puffles. This is a Members Only Puffle so You can’t buy it if Your a Non Member. Its a Great Advantage for Members On The Mini Island Of Club Penguin. Have you got an Awesome Green Puffle?

The Black Puffle Is Yet Again One Of My Favourite Puffles. I just love it How He fires up into flames and He really helped me out In Previous Club Penguin Missions. He Is a Member’s Only Puffle Though. Do You Have a Fiery Black Puffle? I do. He’s Called Bob!

The Pink Puffle Is Awesome. More for girls Mainly but It’s still a great pet and It’s Amazing When it Skips Over the Rope In Play Mode. Have You got a Pink Puffle? I used to have 10 Pink Puffles Because I’m Cool. Haha Joke. =)

The Blue puffle Is a great Puffle. It was My First Puffle I ever bought on Club Penguin. Guess Why? Because This Puffle Is a Non Member Puffle. Sa-weet Or Sa-sweet? It’s available to all players for 800 Coins. Do You have a Blue Puffle?

Great! The Yellow Puffle Reminds Me of Cheese. I wonder Why? Anyway, The Yellow Puffle Isn’t Very Old On Club Penguin. Still, It Rocks My World. I used to Have 2 Yellow Puffles. Have You Got Any Yellow Puffles? The Yellow Puffle Is a Members Only Puffle Though.

The Red Puffle Is an Amazing Puffle. Wanna Know Why? Well, It’s a Non Member Puffle as Well as Member puffle Plus It Likes Bowling, and I love To Bowl. Thats One Thing Me And The Red Puffle Have In Common. Do You Have an Awesome Red Puffle? I Do.

The Purple Puffle Is a Great Puffle To Have a Party With. If It’s a One Man Solo To a Massive Party at The Night Club. The Purple Puffle Will Make It a Night To Remember. Do You Have a Purple Puffle? It’s a Members Only Puffle and I Have One.

The White Puffle Is Such a Great Pet. The Colour White Just Suits This Fun Loving Puffle. It’s Gentle Get Really Strong. I Love it How to Can Make Anything Turn To Ice With Just a Breath. That Puffle, Must Have Really Smelly Breath. Do You Have a White Puffle? I Do.

Last But Not Least, It’s the Orange Puffle. The Orange Puffle Has Just Recently Arrived To The Island Of Club Penguin and To Be Truthful, I think It’s My Favourite Club Penguin Puffle. It’s Really Goofy, Funny and Silly. It’s a Members Only Puffle. Do You Own a Orange Puffle? I Do.


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