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Coming Back…?

Hey Everyone,  I know I’ve said before that I’m coming back but haven’t but this time I’m serious.  We are still getting up to 50 views per day and I’m not adding any new content whatsoever! That’s amazing! So here’s what I’m gonna do.  If I can get up to 20 comments saying they want the website back, I’ll totally redo the website with new design, graphics, better pics and all!  Everything will be upgraded and I’ll be hiring people to post!  So it’s all up to you guys!  Let me know in the comments if you want us back!  Remember: more content, better graphics, and a whole new community!

Zach Chevy

The New Club Penguin Mythbusters: Coming Soon

I’m Back

Hey everyone!  It’s Zach Chevy- for those of you who don’t remember me, I played Club Penguin about a year ago and quit for awhile… I am happy to say it’s almost summer and I will be back for the summer 🙂  This blog will get a whole new makeover and soon be up and running like before!  Thank you to all of you who kept coming back to look at the archives while I was gone!  I really appreciate you all keeping the hits up!  I can’t wait to hang out with all of you again-updates are soon to come!

~Zach Chevy


Apple recently approved a new Club Penguin app for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Club Penguin App!

The app has all of the cheats, tutorials, and trackers you could possibly need for Club Penguin, available anywhere on your iPhone and iPod Touch! It’s very useful for pretty much anything Club Penguin related. For example, you want to find Aunt Arctic at the Penguin Play Awards, you can use the trackers tab to find her location!

Of course the app has tons of other uses. There are detailed step by step cheats, and tutorials. Below is an example of one of the many cheats you can discover with Club Penguin App:

The Club Penguin App will be starting at only $0.99! Here’s how you can get the Club Penguin App on your iPod Touch and iPhone:

If you have iTunes on your computer, just click HERE!!! to download the app. It will be synced next time you plug in your iPod Touch and iPhone.

If you don’t have iTunes on your computer (or are reading from your iPod Touch/iPhone), use these steps:

1. Go to the app store on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

2. Click on the search tab. Search for, “Club Penguin App”. Click on the icon that looks like the one below:

3. Click on the price, and then click on the buy button.

4. Enter your iTunes info (email and pass).

You will now be able to have the Club Penguin App on your iPod Touch and iPhone!

Comment here if you downloaded it! :D


Madz Moved On & New Author


Hi Everyone!  Zach Chevy here!  We have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that Madz has left The Club Penguin Mythbusters.  The good news is Madz has moved on to another well-known!  Go visit him there!

Anyways, it is only me right now and I need some help.  I need an author that can post about the new newspapers and Catalogs.  This is a huge responsibility and MUST NOT be copied from anyone else’s site.  This job must be taken seriously while having fun at the same time.  In a comment, please leave the following:

  1. Club Penguin Username
  2. Male Or Female
  3. Have You Ever Worked For A Website?
  4. If You Said ‘Yes’ To 3, What Is The Site URL?
  5. Do You Have A Website?
  6. If You Answered ‘Yes’ To 5, What Is The URL Of Your Website?
  7. Email
  8. Any Questions Or Comments

After Answering Those Questions, Please Answer These Questions Using Numbers 1-5.  1 Being No.  3 Being Sometimes.  5 Being Yes.  BE HONEST

  1. Will You Always Use Your Own Words And Your Own Pictures/Videos
  2. Will You Post On Time With Accurate/Good Information
  3. Will You Post On Time With Inaccurate/Bad Information
  4. Will You Post A Little Later With Really Accurate/Perfect Information
  5. Will You Post A Little Later With Terribly Inaccurate/Terribly Information
  6. Will You Be Online A Lot (Just Wondering/This Answer Will Not Effect My Decision)

Once Again PLEASE BE HONEST WITH ALL ANSWERS! I currently do not have a deadline but as I start getting comments, I will assign a deadline.  COMMENTS WILL NOT BE POSTED.  Do not worry about privacy and things like that.


~Zach Chevy

New Club Penguin Shoes

Hello Penguins, it’s Zach Chevy! Club Penguin has released new Club Penguin Shoes! Club Penguin baseball shoes offer a fire new look for summer. They tie up with a thick rubber sole and toe with a lightweight canvas upper, decorated with metallic character print and finished with chunky laces.

Here is how the Club Penguin style baseball shoes:

Don’t you just love the baseball style shoes? Are you going to play baseball with them? Leave a comment and let me know!

~Zach Chevy

New Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins!

I’ve got a big sneak peek for you guys today. We’ve been hearing from a lot of you who want to know more about “Herbert’s Revenge”, the new Nintendo DS game we’re working on.

Last month we showed you some pictures of some mysterious caves. Many of you guessed that agents might have to search the caves to track down Herbert. Well…


It looks like you might be onto something! The picture shows a new mini-game, with some new equipment to help agents swing into action.

I don’t want to give too much away yet, but I can say that there are some big things coming up for secret agents.

The team is really interested to hear what everyone thinks so far, and what you think will happen in the game. So let us know in the comments, and keep watching for more updates!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

New Coloring Page!

Hey everyone! Club Penguin just released a new coloring page!  Check it out:

Click the picture to enlarge.

The first person to color this in nicely and leave a link of the colored in picture in a comment will be featured in one of the up-coming posts!  Start coloring!

~Zach Chevy

The Penguin Play Awards 2010 Are Here!

Hey Everyone!  Today the Penguin Play Awards have begun!  Read our official guide to get the best out of the awards!  And remember-have fun!  Just like last time, the winner of the Penguin Play Awards will arrive at the stage once the Penguin Play Awards are over!

Here are the 5 Choices for this year:

  1. Squidzoid
  2. Ruby and the Ruby
  3. Underwater Adventure
  4. The Quest for the Golden Puffle (winner of last year’s awards)
  5. Fairy Fables

To vote for your favorite play, go to the plaza and walk over to the voting booth!

There are 5 categories to vote on:

  1. Best Play
  2. Best Costume
  3. Best Music
  4. Best Effects Best Set

Inside the stage, you can watch a short video summary about each play!  Check it out:

Now let’s go backstage!  To go backstage, walk over to the door that says ‘BackStage’ on it.

This year there are two free items for members!

The Penguin Play Awards Trophy.  (This item was here last time.)

And a new item for members –  a video camera:

This year non-members get a free item too!  It’s a Press Hat!  To get the Press Hat, go to the dock!

Although this is an awesome free item, I don’t think it sits of your head right… What do you think?

I just think it looks a little weird.

Anyways, the Penguin Play Awards are also being celebrated in these locations:

  • Ski Hill
  • Dock
  • Pizza Parlor

There are little decorations and advertisements for the awards everywhere so keep an eye out for them!

Also, there are some new postcards but the one that I am interested in is the one that invites your friends to the awards!   Check it out:

(There is also a postcard that is creating quite a buzz about tipping the Iceberg but that will be in the first episode of The Club Penguin Mythbusters so come back for updates on that)

The Penguin Play Awards are a huge hit this year!  Make sure you check our tracker to get Aunt Arctic, DJ Cadence, The Penguin Band, and Gary’s awesome Autographed Backgrounds!

~Zach Chevy

Also, have you noticed there was no St. Patrick’s Day Party this year?!?  What’s going on?  Is there going to be an April Fools Party?  I hope so!  Let me know what you think!