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Madz Moved On & New Author


Hi Everyone!  Zach Chevy here!  We have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that Madz has left The Club Penguin Mythbusters.  The good news is Madz has moved on to another well-known!  Go visit him there!

Anyways, it is only me right now and I need some help.  I need an author that can post about the new newspapers and Catalogs.  This is a huge responsibility and MUST NOT be copied from anyone else’s site.  This job must be taken seriously while having fun at the same time.  In a comment, please leave the following:

  1. Club Penguin Username
  2. Male Or Female
  3. Have You Ever Worked For A Website?
  4. If You Said ‘Yes’ To 3, What Is The Site URL?
  5. Do You Have A Website?
  6. If You Answered ‘Yes’ To 5, What Is The URL Of Your Website?
  7. Email
  8. Any Questions Or Comments

After Answering Those Questions, Please Answer These Questions Using Numbers 1-5.  1 Being No.  3 Being Sometimes.  5 Being Yes.  BE HONEST

  1. Will You Always Use Your Own Words And Your Own Pictures/Videos
  2. Will You Post On Time With Accurate/Good Information
  3. Will You Post On Time With Inaccurate/Bad Information
  4. Will You Post A Little Later With Really Accurate/Perfect Information
  5. Will You Post A Little Later With Terribly Inaccurate/Terribly Information
  6. Will You Be Online A Lot (Just Wondering/This Answer Will Not Effect My Decision)

Once Again PLEASE BE HONEST WITH ALL ANSWERS! I currently do not have a deadline but as I start getting comments, I will assign a deadline.  COMMENTS WILL NOT BE POSTED.  Do not worry about privacy and things like that.


~Zach Chevy


Puffle Party Updates

Hey Everyone!  Club Penguin just released a couple new sneak peeks of the Puffle Party!  The first picture is the new White Puffle room located at the Mine!  Take a look:


The next picture is a special sneak peek of the room available only to members:


This looks great!  I am guessing it is an obstacle course for your puffles to interact with!  What do you think?  Let me know!

~Zach Chevy

Newspaper Delay

Hey guys…bad news.  The Club Penguin Times won’t be delivered at the usual time because the Club Penguin Team is trying to squash some bugs to improve the game.  While we are waiting, check out this sneak peek of the new newspaper:

It looks like nothing new is coming out anytime soon anyways.  Lets hope that the Club Penguin Team can squash the bugs before the Puffle Party comes out!

~Zach Chevy

Ninja Shadow Spotted At Cove

Check this out:

A ninja shadow in the window!  That’s awesome!  It is kinda hard to see so u might want to log on to check it out!

~Zach Chevy

New Stage Coming Soon!

Check out this awesome statue:

That statue and many new surprises and costumes are coming this Friday!  Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest and a new Puffle Furniture Catalog will bring new surprises to Club Penguin starting this Friday!  I am very excited about the new catalog and what new activities it will bring for our puffles to do!

In other news, we are getting very close to 100,000 hits which means a possible party and getting added to either Madz or Zach Chevy’s buddy list-maybe even both!  Make sure you come to for updates on that!

We get many views a day but we would like to know how many of you actually read the posts…let us know here:


Zach Chevy,

2 New Books!

Hey Everyone!  Along with the Great Puffle Switch Book, there are even more books coming out soon!  Check it out:

That’s only a couple…Here’s the whole list:

  • Big Book Of Activities – April 15
  • Club Penguin’s Official Guide: Volume 2 – August 19
  • Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite! – August 19
  • Club Penguin Poster Book – July 8
  • Party Time, All The Time! – October 14

Club Penguin is really getting into the offline activities!  I’m looking forward to the poster book!  Comment And Let Me Know What You Like!


Waddle On,

~Zach Chevy

Clothing and Wig Catalog Updates

CP Mythbusters, Ad Banner 1!

Like it? I just made it to help us advertise? Could you paste it on your site to help us gain more hits?

Hello Everyone!

I’m back with the Clothing Catalog Updates!

If you want to see the Catalog without logging in, go Here.

If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this URL:

The May 2008 Catalog has a Medieval theme, with Kings, Queens, Dragons, Knights, and More!

Super Update: If you go to the end of the Catalog, there will be a surprise!

If you pull down the How do I get coins? box, then you can see a sneak peek at the new party!

For the featured Job of the Month clothes, there is a Blacksmith Apron!

If you dance with only the apron on, you smith!

Click the hand of the Dragon Costume for the Crystal Staff.

Click the Emerald Hat for the Woodman’s Hat!

Click the Open Collar of the Brown Coat for the Cheese Tie!

And for the Viking Helmet, Click the Green+White Ribbon around the Chocolate Bunny Costume for the Red Viking Helm. Exit and Open the Red Viking Helm 4 Times for the Blue Viking Helm.

These are the 2 new Backgrounds in the Clothing Catalog!

Now for the wigs….

These are the 2 new Wigs!

Also for the secret Spikette Wig….

Click the Spike Wig for it!

Overall, I really like this month’s catalog. It has awesome clothes!

Waddle On,

Tiristern Signature

2 New Rooms + Rockhopper’s Key

Updates: New Bribble Port! The Port # is 35337.
Anyways, here are the updates!

To get the Key, go to the Library (2nd Floor of the Coffee Shop in the Town)

Go to the Journal of Captain Rockhopper.

Flip all the way to the end to find the Key!

Once of you get the key, go back to the Migrator, enter the Ship Hold, and enter the Captain Quarters!

There is a new game for Treasure Hunters! You have to work together with a friend to find the hidden coins and rubies!

This is a Pic of the Game Screen.

There is another secret room! (Not really…)

It’s the Crow’s Nest. Click the Arrow Sign on the Huge Pole that runs up the Ship. (Mast, for you Boat Lubbers).

There’s a super cool Snow Cannon on the Crow’s Nest too! (The Best Way to Win a Snowball Fight!)
Here is a cool Color Animation of the Puffle on RH’s Flag! Da Rainbow Puffle Returns!

Waddle On,

Tiristern Signature

Pirate Party 2008

Updates and Good News: Rockhopper’s Captain Quarters are Opening soon! The Key might be in the shape of Rockhopper,  you know? Check back for more details.


Hello Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Say thanks to Mew850, Simmer27, and Matrex10 for helping me!

The Pin is in the Ski Village. Hover your mouse over the right Shovel to make it dig!

They re-released the Sailor Hat. It can be found at the Plaza.

As for me, I believe this party to be a repeated and dull one. It looks exactly the same as last years, not counting the Dock.

As for Sports Catalog Updates….:

They re-released the Red and Blue Caps! Those were one of my most wanted items, but now they’ve re-released them! 😀

There is a baseball theme for the Sports Catalog now. Check it out!

The only secret is the Silver Surfboard Secret.

First, click the Flame Surfboard to make it the Flower Surfboard.

Then, click the Sea Star and Clam on the beach in the picture.

Then the Silver Surfboard Appears! 😀

Waddle On,

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New Mission + Tip the Iceberg Edit


Hi Y’all. I tipped the iceberg today! :O

Yup, here is a pic for proof! (Just an Edit, Lol)

If you can’t see it well, you might want to click it to enlarge!

Here is the text version of my Guide to Mission 7!

1. Talk to G. He will then show you footage of how the Clock Tower was destroyed.

2. Talk to G again, G will say that he wants you to fix the tower.

3. Now go all the way to the right of your screen until you see the Gadget Room. Go inside!

4. On the shelf full of gadgets, take the LifeGuard Rescue Tube. Put it in your inventory.

5. Using your map, go to the Dock. Then talk to the penguins from the Blue Team. They will then ask you to play a target game.

6. Play the game until you win. When you do win, they will give you the target. Put it in your inventory.

7. Give the penguins the tube that you took from the shelf as a replacement target.

8. Now using your spy phone, go back to the HQ. Talk to G. Then go to the Invention Cabinet which is to the left of the Gadget Room. Click on the cage with the magnet. The combination to get the magnet is ‘key’. Here is what is supposed to look like.

<!–[if gte vml 1]&gt; &lt;![endif]–><!–[if !vml]–><!–[endif]–> (it should look like this)

9. Go to the iceberg. To your left, you will see a floating ice cube with a spring inside. Use the magnet to pull it in. Put it in your inventory. Now go to the HQ and then the Gadget Room.

10. To your left, you will see the Test Chamber. Put the ice cube with the spring on the conveyor belt. (Under the sign that says ‘Place Object Here.’ Pull the red lever. Click the flame button. Pull the red lever again and then put the spring in your inventory.

11. Go to the Town. Talk to the penguin. Ask him for the poster of Prime Gear. Put the poster in your inventory.

12. Go to the Ski Village. Talk to the penguins to your left. They will say that the best snow is by the Snow Forts area.

13. Go to the Beach. Near the penguin on your right, take the green bucket. Now talk to the yellow puffle to right of that.

14. Go to the Plaza and then the Pizza Parlour. Pick up the sheet of music near the piano. Put it in your inventory.

15. Go to the Snow Forts and using the bucket of snow, click on the snow on the ground. It will then fill the bucket with snow.

16. Go back to the Plaza and into the Stage. Then on your right you will see a piano. Click on it. Place your music sheet on the piano and play the notes according to the color.

17. The golden puffle will then come out of hiding. Next, give him the Prime Gear poster and then the bucket of snow. He will replicate a replica of the gear.

18. Go to the Gadget Room via the HQ. Go back to the Test Chamber and do the same thing you did with the ice cube except push the snowflake button instead.

19. Go to the Snow Forts. Click on the Clock Tower. Place the gear in the middle of the panel, the spring in the upper left and the target on top of the pole.

20. Now exit the clock. The penguin will start to cheer and then your phone will start to ring. It is the polar bear saying that was just a distraction for his more ultimate plan. This will not be the last time we will see him!

21. Claim your medal and gift!


I’ll add more pics later. Ok?

Waddle On,

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